Thursday, January 28, 2016

Point In Time 1/27 - 1/28/2016

Twice a year, the Continuum of Care, with various affiliates gather volunteers and sends teams out to look for those out in the elements and offer shelter, information, a snack, or just letting them know that people are here who care about their well being. It happens the 4th Wednesdays of January and July. A team leader, often who is also the driver, will have 3 or 4 people to help look for those out in the cold. It’s just because there are some situations that may be dangerous for the volunteers, and there is safety in numbers.
Driver/Team info and a couple of supplies.
I always luck out and always get a good group to be with, and this time I had John, Jimmy, Marie, and Curt. We were a fairly diverse group, in age and what we do currently. Curt is tall, so I told him to get in front.
As we waited for instructions and why we are here for searching, we got a presentation and some other FYI’s, and I had a choice between 2 hats... As if there really is a choice?
I don't do skull caps!
I am glad I am prepared, I had another one that worked much better, because, you know. Even if it’s not baseball, baseball rocks as our favorite pastime, right?
There's no crying in Point In Time rescue searching!
Anyway, we found 2 maybes... And, an oops... It was almost awkward, but, of course it’s actually difficult to embarrass me. We were near the zoo, and there was a car in the lot. We approached, and a guy was in it... I pulled next to the car, and one of the guys approached... All of a sudden, a lady is in the passenger window, surprised... No homeless here! Oops! A young set of lovers, so I apologized for interrupting anything... At least the young man was cool about it...
It’s not easy being out for this long of a period so late... 10pm registration, and search your area (each driver gets assigned a zone), and look in every spot possible (they have a checklist), and come back at 3am... But, I would rather we go out and not find anyone to bring to shelter, than not go, and someone died in the elements. Hope to see more people next year. It’s actually rewarding to be a part of this.
Mmm! Goodies!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

White Privilege: What is it, and what does it mean?

Okay. I'm saying sorry in advance, to being ignorant... But I've heard about this "White Privilege" quite a few times, and I know it's supposed to be something along the line of, there are certain things that are taken for granted, such as getting good service or what ever it is you get, or not get, because of your skin color...

But, I must admit, I am not exactly sure what it is, and what do people get, or don't have to worry about, or what ever it is, and just wondering what happens, exactly? I just want to understand what it is, w/o being twisted or overblown. I just want to be more educated for future purposes, because, let’s face it, depending on the situation, I may fit the privilege, while on the other hand, I totally don’t. I’ll come back to this in a minute... First things first.

The reason I am asking, is, on another social network site, a lady was saying she finally got to break the silence of her rape & sexual assault while at work, and wanted to push the awareness of the situation as a black woman. I thought I was being supportive when I stated it was good she finally got to have a voice, and as survivors of sex abuse, we are in the same boat, and need to support each other. She was irked, saying that it's the same as the black lives matter, and then saying all lives matter, and how I don't get it, because we are not the same, and that it must be nice that I have white privilege... I was not upset or mad that she had stated that no, *I* don’t understand where she is coming from, and she did post a link to an article about how black women do not have the same access to get support from sex abuse, and even if invited and welcomed to the group, that they don’t get the same talk time, and all too often, take a back seat to others who are also there for the same support. I did not know this. So, I was ignorant to this situation, even as a strong advocate for those going through abuse, especially sex abuse, and how we should all be able to feel safe in our environments, and if the unfortunate situation presents, that we are supportive to ALL victims, not just the ones who are more able to get the sympathetic support.

Mind you, because of where I am in MY life situation, I am at a place where I can be supportive of others... I also support the Black Lives Matter campaign because so many issues, that are more covert than overt when expressing the discrimination, and of course, the pay is lower for many, as well as access to opportunity, lack of access to quality foods, health care, and the fact that more black people are arrested and sentenced longer for smaller crimes than other groups of people... I understand that this is a HUGE issue. Then, after looking at this particular woman’s links, I see one that points to a study that black girls experience sex abuse/rape at about twice the average of other races, and understanding from the previous post about the inequity of access to the support, I was very upset...

Why does this upset me? Because I consider myself to be a good advocate. I do my homework. I see the stats from groups like RAINN. I present facts from FBI studies. I use federal websites to back up my statements, and have always wanted to help ALL victims, not just some, or most. While I don’t consider this a slam on me as a person, it is a HUGE slam on me as an advocate, because of the fact that ignorance was wearing my face, and made it true that I truly did NOT understand. On the other hand, now that I know these issues exist, I am going to be able to do more research, and add that to my bank of knowledge. I will become a better advocate armed with this. So, I was not mad that this lady put me in check. I needed to know this, and it’s not because I am a better person now for knowing, but, this lady obviously knew that I had no idea, and yes, that can be irritating.

So, the part about where I do or don’t fit the privilege... Okay, so I am half Japanese, and thus part of the Asian American people who are the “model minorities”. Why do Americans of Asian descent get the status of model minorities? It seems as if the whole planet (well, the planet that is represented here, in the USA) seems to know that it’s the Asians who are smart, because they’ve come from countries where their language is NOTHING like English, and yet learn to master the language, works hard, studies hard, and goes on to be Doctors, Pharmacists, Medical Device engineers, Medicine makers/inventors, Electrical Engineers, owners of successful companies, and more... And even on a social level, Asian Americans are considered polite, never causing trouble, or dropping out of school to “join a gang”. So, because of this, may end up being able to get a job in their desired fields, attend colleges that are more prestigious, etc. Yes, I get that too. There ARE certain things that can be like this, where I should take it as a compliment if I am asked how smart am I in math and science? I am not. Sorry.

On the other hand... Okay, so during/after WWII, where Japanese-Americans were put into American concentration camps because this group of Japanese people might rise up against the USA, and justifies that we had to do it for safety purposes. Um, what? Some of these people in that time, were 5th generation Americans, and didn’t even speak the language, and would rise up against America for a country they do not belong to, because of the skin color? And, I’m not supposed to be annoyed or anything at all, because I’m supposed to just accept that it was a must? Um. No. Why would you put an American into a concentration camp because they might rise up? And because as Americans, people have a difficult time knowing if this person is Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese... I am sure many a Chinese Americans were pegged for being Japanese, and got ostracized and pushed around. It doesn’t stop there. I get asked what kind of math did I major in, or can you help me with my science class... The stereotype that Asians are good at these subjects... I am not. Then, with my dark hair, if I sit with my Hispanic/Latino friends, people think I’m Latina. If I am with Native Americans, people think I am American Indian. Same goes for if I am with Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, etc... I will claim all of them, because, diversity is what creates culture, and I am no better than another.

White privilege does not mean you need to feel guilty for being white and privileged. If you have white privilege, try to open more doors and windows for other people to be able to reach their dreams. I also end up not knowing what part is the privilege, though, because seriously, when I say that I am in poverty, people act as if that cannot happen because I am Asian, and look white in many ways. But, I know that there have been times that I have been blessed, but on the other, I have yet to land my full time job and have a successful life yet. I am still waiting. I hope I do not die still waiting... Yes, I get help from relatives and friends. Yes, I appreciate what people do for me. But no, it is not fun being poor, and having people judge me is not something I enjoy. Yet, I get people telling me how luck I am to be here, where I have a government that gives food stamps and medicaid... Yes, I am thankful, and that I am able to have it... But, here, as a college educated woman, and it’s a BA from 1995 and a technical diploma from 2014. I am not a spring chicken. But, because I am poor, yes, there have been times when my relatives made comments about how I don’t manage my finances right because otherwise I wouldn’t be in this mess... I’ve been told that because both my husband and I grew up middle class that we are better than this... Or that I don’t run my house well because I’m chasing work instead of cuddling my son (who was a baby at the time, I think maybe about 2ish?). Unfortunately, when you’re poor, and everyone knows your business because it has to be talked about the rest of the year, so when we talk to our relatives at the holiday, you’re getting asked these questions... We are poor, not stupid, okay? And, as the family dummy (because, you know. If we were smart, we wouldn’t be poor, right)?

This happens, even at family events, when I used to be with other relatives where multiple babies were together, and say if in playing, I all of a sudden see falling toddlers... because I wanted to watch what was going on, and I’d have 2 or 3 people pretty much telling me, actually more like insisting in a lecturing tone, “Leave it alone! Let ‘em roll! Sit back down, you’re making him too dependent on you!!! Sit down, sit down, let ‘em roll, mind your own business! He’s going to be okay! Leave it, leave it!!!!” Serious, not exaggerating. I’m asking them why it was so wrong for even looking, and had them tell me that I was going to go over there and interfere when I should be worried about other things. What? Okay, first, there is a long table I am sitting at blocking me from that side of the room. Then because there were people sitting all around the table, it’s not as if I was going to get over there, what? I’m only 2” wide, right? Okay, does it occur to anyone, that maybe, just because it’s the American thing to do, to push independence to toddlers, because they’re so efficient little people, that maybe, just maybe, MY perception of raising a child is that the kids should be able to have exploration and play to learn, and if a tumble occurs, that I just might need to take care of the hurt child? And no, these weren’t necessarily people who saw me regularly. One even told me that MY kid couldn’t have had a diaper rash that had missing skin so fast because none of hers did, and how she should know because not only did she have 4, but has grandkids, too... As if every kid fits into one of her 4 categories? What ever...

I know I digress... But, it’s hard for me to fully understand this White Privilege... On one hand, I have some, yes. In other ways, people just don’t get it, because they’ve never heard of a poor Japanese person, much less fathom that as an Asian lady, why, even if I wasn’t smart enough in math/science that I must be able to attract wealthy men to support me, right, so it doesn’t matter if I can find a good job so I can be glad to spend my money as I see fit, because I am all of a sudden a person who is driven and smart? Ugh.

Dialogue appreciated from the peanut gallery and beyond. Just because I wonder how far this privilege goes. Does it affect disabled people, who happen to be white? Does it affect those whose orientation is different, and do white gay couples get less discriminated than black gay couples? or how about interracial gay couples? Or how about those who are American and because of being Latino that got you stereotyped for a pull over? Or others who may be multiracial in make up? How far or not far does this go, and if a black person is wealthy, do they get honorary white status? What about the other way, where a Cracka is actually a black white person for being poor? Different stances welcome, please all be respectful. Also, feel free to bring people who may add INsight if you wish.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Officials seek federal dollars to battle poverty

How to Go
WHAT: Town hall meeting on poverty issues.
WHEN: 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25.
WHERE: Gateway Technical College Racine campus, 1001 S. Main St; Huron Room of Racine Building (enter on Lake Avenue).
I want as many people as possible, who are facing this poverty issue to be able to go. If you cannot go, please write your story on a document or as a message and send it to me either email or facebook, and I will print it out, and take it in. The meeting is coming up SOON, so please don’t wait TOO long to let me know if you want to come. Please let me know no later than 5pm on Janurary 25, if you are coming, or if sending me an email. Any emails that are late, may not be sent in on time to be able to be counted for their purposes.
To contact me, my cell phone #: 262-721-7774 - text me, or call (leave message if I don’t answer) so I know if I need to pick you up. I can fit up to 4 people besides me. My email so you can send me your story:
With hope, I can get as many of you down there as possible, in person (which is always best), but, if you can’t, please send me your letter so I can hand them in on your behalf. So, here are the people I am inviting, with hopes... And I am also going to include educators, who may have a story to share about their students who may be in need of assistance or are insecure about their situation, as well as others, who may have helped take care of elderly or disabled people, and advocates working with Veterans and others who also have poverty issues. If I forgot to tag you, and you’d like to come, and need help getting there, let me know. Don’t forget to tell your friends, and you can share the link with them, tag them in a comment, or what ever else you want to get the word out there. Even those who plan on speaking, please have a typed up copy with you, anyway, so in case you don’t have enough time, or there are so many people, you can still get your stuff turned in, and they can use it to go for it. 
As good people of this area, we deserve a better shake at this.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Revolutioning Resolutions and A Quest ?

So many people make a New Year's resolution, wanting to eat better; get on a sensible exercise & work-out regimen; keep/stay in touch with friends and family; learn a new craft or language; go back to school for a better job (hopefully), and the list goes on...

These good intentions are great.  Everyone should strive to make an improvement on themselves, for themselves, and become a new you in the making.  Especially with Americans becoming more and more obese on a regular basis, not just by how much, but also in number of people, and this trend is going to give the next generations a more expensive health care system, as well as poorer health of their own.  But, how many times have we made this resolution to lose weight by eating less, eating healthier, and exercising more?  And because we often indulge through the weekend, start off sluggish in our exercise regimen, because we are still eating holiday goodies which are not good for us?  They are delicious treats, and difficult to resist.  We can't be perfect, right?

Well, no, but, part of the reason why we start off less than enthusiastic, or we jump in with both feet, ready to conquer the world of the overweight negativity of our current situation, just to be back to the same old same old of the past decade(s) or more?  Partly, because we only gear up to make this decision as the winter holidays come in.  We need to start talking ourselves into the healthier routine all year around, not just for New Years.  Second, because we wait for the new year to begin to install these changes.  Or maybe it's for your birthday 7 months away.  Or only for your sister's wedding.  Don't wait, start it when you think of it.

I, myself, have spent years trying to figure out a good plan to become healthier.  It doesn't help, when I (and my son, too) have this #16p11.2microdeletion going on, where we like to eat more than we should, yet our metabolism is sluggish.  Every year, I would research various eating plans, to see which one would seem the most reasonable, and that was my Christmas gift to me.  Of course, when they never worked out as planned, I, too, had put them aside.  With my back pain issue, many exercises are out of the question.  Basically, I can swim relatively unrestricted, and I can walk with the aid of walking aids.  I had started my walking regimen over the summer, and was relatively successful, but, with the winter months here, I needed a plan B.  I was gifted with a family membership to the Y, and started it at the beginning of December, because that is when the plan came together.  So far it's working out great.

So, exercise, so far so good, and I feel pretty good coming out of the pool.  Now for the eating plan...  I refuse to call it a diet, because just that word...  Diet...  It sounds so, restrictive.  As if it's all about sacrificing all of your favorite foods because they are unhealthy somehow.  Granted, many meals ARE somewhat unhealthy.  Those are most often the best tasting.  When you are an athlete, you can afford to cheat, but, to keep up a good game, still need to be careful of how much and what to take in.  Some are lucky enough to have a hollow leg and eat constantly and still stay thin.  Most of us are NOT that lucky.  But, we do need a reasonable plan.

When starting a new exercise and/or eating plan, my suggestion is to start slow.  When we jump straight in, saying that we are going to stop eating potatoes in all forms, no more pasta, and run a half an hour each morning before breakfast, and cut out red meat and what ever else, we tend to fail, because it's not a reasonable first step.  I had actually stopped making a New Year Resolution for the longest time, because of all of these failures of not getting that perfect job, or losing enough weight, or what have you...  So, my resolution was to not have one.  But, because something just clicked, I decided to go on this Revolution Me Resolution which started back in March of 2015, where I was at the doctor's office, and my weight was at an all time high, as if I jumped 10#, and well.  Being Type 2 diabetic, got disgusted, and decided to do something about it.

I started with going through my cupboards, and doing as much research as possible on different foods, what would be better, worse, etc...  So here is where I humbly started...

1st:  You know all of your canned goods, instant foods, and the processed boxes of mystery helpers?  Yeah.  Only keep enough to feed your family 3 days, in case of emergency, such as the one snow storm that had many of us here in Wisconsin stuck inside our houses because the snow literally was a frozen lake, from the tops of our stoops, all the way across the street.  Get whole food, real food, and enjoy the extra goodness.  Exercise goal:  15-20 minutes of walking, 3x daily.

Here is why.  Any and all canned foods, as well as processed foods are super high in sodium and what ever other preservatives.  I think 1 can of green beans have enough salt for 3 days in them.  Instant foods such as instant rice, potatoes and oat meal basically have had what ever was good about them removed for the convenience of cooking.  Instant foods like this are literally empty calories, and might have a pinch of soluble fiber, if we are lucky.  Keep the boxed helper meals and the mac n cheese at the store.  The only exception I make for this is tomato paste for spaghetti sauce. Focus on adding more veggies in your meals.  Start with your favorites.  Others like cream soups are used only in rare occasions.  Exercise goal is to increase to 30 minutes 4-5 days a week.

2nd:  Start buying fresh produce.  Look through the store ads to see who has the best deals.  When you get there, take a look around for other deals, because sometimes, the manager will add their own specials to move more stock or to make room for seasonal ones.  If it's still intimidating, go to the frozen section.  Because many of those are flash frozen fairly soon after harvesting, you're getting a better price for things that are out of season here in the wintery states.  When the summer comes, don't forget to check out your local farmers and their stands, and often, there is a farmer's market in a neighborhood near you.  The prices are super good, the flavor is out of this world, and you are not going to find produce more fresh than farmer direct.  These are also the healthiest for you.  Make a point to try a new veggie a week.  Or, one that you've tried while a child, you may have a different idea or change your mind about whether you like it or not.  Start stretching out your exercise to 45 minutes from 30.

3rd:  Play with your food.  Not technically, like a 3 year old, but creatively, like a 3 year old.  Grandma's recipe for lasagna or what ever your favorite meal was...  See if you can make it healthier.  If the sauce was only tomato sauce and spices, use real garlic and onion instead of powdered or dried.  Add a minced bell pepper, and your favorite fresh mushrooms.  To use less calories, use the fat free ricotta cheese or crumble up the soft tofu in it's place.  Season as usual.  It will be good.  Have a salad and a hot veggie with dinner, and have one or the other with lunch.  Stay with current exercise.

You get the idea with adding more healthy versions, and learning new recipes.  I tried hummus for the first time several months ago, and was surprised that I liked it.  Once you're doing 45 minutes of exercise, 6 days a week, strive to go faster or push harder.  Keep making good choices about using skinless chicken vs. skin on.  You got this...   ...Oh, and another thing...  Fall off the bandwagon?  Had a cheat meal?  That is okay!  Don't sabotage yourself by banning the fried chicken.  Once a month won't hurt anything.  Don't feel guilty, don't kick yourself.  It takes time, and we aren't perfect.  Just try to reduce adding sugar to anything, as well as planning...  So, if you're going out for Pink Squirrels with the girls, you may want to skip dessert or cut 1 serving out of another meal.

Now, there is a difference between a serving and a portion.  For example, a serving of breakfast cereal is 1/2 cup.  But, you might have 1 full cup with 1/2 cup of milk, which the portion of cereal is 2 servings, and the portion of milk is a half serving in this example.

Well, we have the basics down.  And now, going out to eat...  Yes, this is allowed, and there are more options than ever, when you stay away from fast food.  My complaint, though.  I don't like processed meats...  Ham was the first one off of my list, and quickly bacon, breakfast sausage, corned beef and the rest got chopped off of my list.  I've never been a bratwurst type of person to begin with.  It's not just the process, it's also the fact that it's overly salty, full of fat, and the flavor is lost in translation.  Every nutritionist and dietician I have ever talked to, as well as pros in cardiology, bacon is classified as a fat, not a meat.  I agree.  But, now, it seems as if there is a bacon craze?  Why?  Oh, and another thing...  These young nutritionists...  They either want to push the sandwiches (which get boring, fast), and I mention I like ethnic food.  Their answer is don't use what ever, and add 2 TBS salsa to the rice.  LAME!  Where is the flavor?  Then they start getting pissy, saying I can just add to taste...  Yes.  But I buy real rice.  It's Japanese rice.  And before you ask, yes it is a type of sticky rice, but, not all rice is created equal...  the rule of thumb...  The shorter the rice grain, the stickier it is.  The rice grown in one region with certain weather/soil conditions will taste different from other places, and it could be the same type.  But, each region of short grain seems to have the type of rice that grows well there.  I also use a rice cooker for it, and because I cannot get this type in Racine or Kenosha, it's a big deal to get it, and no, I don't want soggy rice or too stiff, just because I took some water out, and yes, it makes a difference, and don't lecture me about food you don't understand...  (okay, I guess I told the nutritionists, didn't I)?

This bacon craze is annoying!  Everywhere I go, Denny's, Wendy's, McD, everywhere...  They are putting bacon on EVERYTHING.  And, they are charging extra for it.  Thing is, when I ask for a salad with no bacon bits nor imitation bacon, why is it that they had to pick off the bacon bits rather than give me one without it in the first place?  Even on sandwiches and certain soups...  But, even if I wanted the burger with no bacon, they don't reduce the price because *I* wanted it w/o bacon.  Why should I pay for something I am not consuming, when keeping my health in check is helping them from paying out more for my health care...  Anyone else with this problem???

To end, I just wanted everyone to submit their family's authentic ethnic food, so I can figure out how to make it healthier while preserving the flavors.  Thanks.

My bucket list so far...  Learn to be a search and rescue diver.  Learn to hand-glide, and go solo.  Swim with dolphins in the ocean.  I'll add more to the list later...  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Walking for health, and a new perspective...

Today has been a weird day. It started as usual, and I swear, my eating habits are even strange for me, and they were weird to begin with. But, that’s okay, we made it through.
I was going to take my son, Chad to the Y for our usual exercise, and remembered that he was going with his grandparents to a comedy show at Case High School, courtesy of the participating students. So, then, I contemplated if I should go, myself, to get in some swimming. But I got a happy surprise visit from my friend Barb. Her mom, Diane got a ham for us, and also some laundry detergent and bleach, as well. Thank you both, we totally appreciate it! I am truly blessed with generous people around me.
Noticing that the weather was still unusually warm, despite the fact that this was January 8, in Wisconsin, at about 8pm, I decided I would go out for a walk, since I haven’t been walking since before the snow. When ever I go, I always take a different route, to keep it interesting and fresh. Since I was walking at night, by myself, I decided to stick to the main roads in the area. Seriously, I had not thought too much before, but, this is serious, and I wonder what the city ordinance(s) are, and if there are state laws concerning the snow removal on sidewalks for home owners and area businesses, especially when the zone is a mixed residential/business district.
12" electric snow shovel
My balance while waking through icy/snowy banks was never very good, even in high school, to the point that seriously, on icy surfaces, I preferred my ice-skates. Of course now, I have had severe and chronic back pain at the base (lower 1/3) of my thoracic region, laterally, all the way across, and when it gets bad, moves up either side of my spine, looking like an upside down capital T. For me to walk any distance, I have a pair of walking staffs, which helps me stay upright. I don’t think I would be able to do more than 15-20 minutes without them at this time.
A walk in the fall.
Anyway, when I was able to do a lot more, I didn’t think much of it when it was so frigid cold out, that I would only shovel a path down the sidewalk. I always made sure that it was clear, all the way to the cement. If I lived on or near a corner, I’d do part of that, too. After getting a snow blower, I started doing the whole sidewalk, and enjoyed doing it. So, when neighbors who had to hand shovel or even the electric shovels, I would clear their sidewalks, and even the apron of their driveways with my snow blower, and I had fun. Of course, now, I am not sure if I could, and the snow blower we have now, well, is a monster. I tried to use it once, under the watchful eye of Mike, and it was too big for me. It is cool, it even has gears, and has power in reverse. But, gone are the days of snow blowing for me... :(
Sorry, but I digress... I walked with my handy walking sticks, 26 blocks total, on main roads, and it took me about an hour and a half. Yes, I walk slow. But, here was my problem. Some areas, where I am not sure if the houses were about to up onto the market, or just got sold, but for what ever reason, was unoccupied, and no one had done anything with the snow. Other spots, the one path in the middle was so narrow, I barely could use my staffs to get through it. Even in more spots, the corners were not done at all, and at some of the intersections, I had to turn around, go back to the nearest driveway, and walk in the street until I could get back on. A few of them were walked on enough that they weren’t too high, but, w/o my walking sticks, I would have never been able to get over them. What if I was an elderly person with a walker? Or in need of a wheel chair? Neither of those would be able to to get through any of it. Seriously. So, are people who are old and/or physically disabled just not supposed to go anywhere? Sad part of it is, I had no idea, I did not know, what so ever, until I was in this position of where I am, of not being very mobile...
I have always been the type of person who liked to go do things. Whether it’s to check out local historical spots, a festival, a drive, hang out with friends, clubbing, junking, what have you... For those wondering, yes, I’ve seen doctors and therapists and whomever... 30 or 31 medical professionals including primary care, physical therapy, chiropractors, pain management, a breast reduction plastic surgeon, and even a neurosurgeon. There is nothing else they can do for me. Yes, I am aware that massage therapists and acupuncturists can often help, but, with me not working, no, I cannot afford to pay out money I am not bringing in... I also get people asking or stating that maybe if I lose weight, that would help. Well, I am down 45 pounds from my heaviest back in March 2015, and no, the pain has NOT diminished... It’s actually one of these things that is the other way around, though I do have multiple issues. The worse the pain gets, the less active I am able to be. Therefore, I gain weight. I also have a genetic issue that increases appetite and decreases metabolism. This isn’t just the usual little bit, I am talking sluggish like molasses in the middle of winter, not just a little slow.
There are times just getting up and out of bed just kills me, and so stiff that doing something basic like getting dressed is a serious chore. But, I will also be damned if I am going to just sit in a dark corner of home, feeling sorry for not being able to do things. Life is happening outside, and it’s happening with or without me. No, I can’t do the things I want. I’d love to go hand-gliding. Solo. As long as I have no income and poor health, that will never happen. I also would absolutely love to learn how to be a search and rescue diver, and being in the water makes it so I am not disadvantaged, so I would physically be able to do this, even with an oxygen tank and full gear. But, with no income, that will never happen either. But, that doesn’t mean I have to be an unwilling hermit. I have gotten a family membership to the Y, and have been swimming regularly, and that has helped immensely. It gets me out of the house, and I am glad, but, I always have loved being out in the fresh air. So, it was disheartening to see so many spots where I had to get out on the street, which was scary, since I was walking in a bus lane.
A convenience store also had a large snow bank that got pushed from their lot into the corner, to where I had to use the lot of the business across the street to cross to go through that one, and the sidewalk on the other side barely had room to walk through, again, no way for someone using a walker or wheel chair would be able to go there. Seriously, if a business can afford to pay a plow driver, they can afford to clear the walks, not just their lot. For the home owners, would it hurt to pay a teenager $2.00 to do the walks? Or, even if you pay them in hot chocolate? Hopefully, I will land my office job soon, and I will be able to help pay for the teens to clear the walk ways... I really had no idea how hard it is to be less than normally mobile to navigate even in nice areas. But, being that I have drive, and the fact that I got disgusted at the state of my affairs, it boils down to damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Well, I’ll be damned if I do, not just to avoid wondering the what ifs, but, I’ll have interesting stories to tell, and maybe even motivate others to do what they can, even if it’s not as much. I can’t promise I’ll always be the chipper person, or patient, but, I will promise you that I won’t be boring.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What the hell is PC, anyway?

Personally, I think that Donald Trump is a mockery of what the USA is and stands for, and how he is making the GOP into a 3 Ring Circus. His supporters are ass clowns, if you ask me, just my opinion.
Also my opinion, that if one can't tell the difference between terrorists and religion/culture as a victim rights advocate, one is abusive toward that particular religion/culture.

As an advocate against abuse, I personally will not condone the abuse of other people just because some of the doctrine that is taught may not agree with others. Just like all men are not rapists or physically violent toward women/children, not all black people are gang bangers, not all white people are racists; to say that Muslims own terrorism or that terrorism is indoctrinated in Islam is the same as saying gay people are pedophiles, then admitting you don't understand everything about other people.
It also is laughable about the PC label that I get slapped with on a regular basis... I admit, it used to offend me, but, actually? It may not be so bad... Here are examples, and it's not even all of them.
I remember in my school days, when I spoke up about not calling Asians and black people derogatory names. People told me to stop getting on my soap box.

Then, going out to an elementary school to help them "internationalize" their students... People told me how quaint and politically correct I am...

Later, to push the diversity of culture and food of our different Asian people. People told me to get off of my PC soap box...

I made HUGE push for women's issues, which included equal pay, to fund educating law enforcement about how to look for domestic violence, etc... People got nasty about my being PC, and how I should know my role, and this happened more than just a couple of times. (As an advocate, my role is to speak up when injustice raises it's ugly head, thank you).

Currently, as well as the last several years or so, I have been active with my non-profit, ‪#‎YouthVoiceInitiative‬, to push for social change and the stiffening up of sentencing for those who abuse our children, as well as for a push to ensure that male victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse are protected equally under the law, yet again... People told me to stop my whiny PC BS and how maybe I ought to be beaten... Ha.

In recent times, there seems to be this thing about Muslims are terrorists, or how the religion teaches to kill everybody, and what ever else that is out there being said. Just like in other religions, there are those who take it too far, get over zealous, and what have you... I am not an expert in no faith or religion. But, I do get my answers from the source. And guess what? People tell me to get off of my PC shit and stop telling them what to think.

Well. MY page. If you don't like what you read, don't come and read it. Unfollow. Unfriend. Unsubscribe. I don't care. I will NOT take part in derogatory treatment of other people, just because those outside of the group, whether we are majority or not, don't understand about them.
And, if it is PC to take up the cause for the abused, in what ever form it comes in? Well. I. Plead. Guilty.

I fully support every group, community, awareness, action, and push, to end the abuse of each other on this planet. This includes those who are misrepresented, misinterpreted, mistreated, and missed out on the quest of what ever they are looking for, and be the solace they need, even if I must stand alone. Abuse will NOT be tolerated, and I don't care if people say I am unprofessional in what I say about those who abuse our children...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holiday Job Hunting: 7 Helpful Hints to Help

From: Health Career Center > HealthCareer
7 Tips for Capitalizing on the Holiday Job Hunt
It's common for people to scale back their job search during the holidays. But as it turns out, this is the perfect time to give your search a boost.
A recent article by US News and World Report outlines why the next few months are one of the best times to be available in the job market. Here are its tips for making the most of the holidays.
1. Don't believe that no one hires in December.
On the contrary, many organizations are in a rush to hire someone who can start right after New Year's. To do that, they need to interview and make offers now. 
2. Take advantage of a drop in competition.
HR managers often report that applications slow down this time of year, making it hard to fill positions. That's good news for you.
3. Be flexible.
Organizations have to balance interview schedules with their staff's vacation time. The more available you are, the better your chances of landing a job. 
4. Be patient.
Hiring decisions at this time often have to wait until key decision-makers return from vacation. Don't be worried if it takes longer than usual. 
5. Don't let rejection ruin your holiday spirit.
Unfortunately, searching for jobs near the holidays might lead to a rejection near Christmas. Remember that it's part of the process, and don't let it bring you down. 
6. Don't be surprised if your start date is next year.
Bringing you on during the holidays — while everyone else is out — would only serve to confuse everyone. If you can't start until January, try to enjoy the extra time off.
7. Use holiday gatherings to your advantage.
Who knows, someone you talk to at a party could have a useful job lead. Attend as many events as you can, and feel free to bring up your search in conversation.