Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Politics, Issues, and the Rants of an Advocate...

It is that time again, where the candidates are out, with their many volunteers in hopes of winning the midterm election.  For those who may not know what midterm elections are, these are the ones that are half way between the Presidential elections, which happen every 4 years, on the same years as Leap Year, and the midterms are those that follow half way through each of these elections, being two years after/before.

I encourage everyone to let their voices be heard:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjZ4APD6k7E

Because I am a peon, a home-care aid, thus very financially poor, and we all know that money talks, and regardless if I have the best ideas, highest work ethic, or cause, it's automatically bull-shit because I can't stuff the pocket linings of those elected.  But, I'm going to say it anyway:

"Dear Elected Officials and Hopefuls,
As a natural born American citizen and a voting constituent, when you are going through your campaigns, please refrain from using smear campaigns, telling us why we should not vote for the other guy (or gal, or whomever).  Yes, I know that your opponent is either a first time runner or how the other appears to be a lifer in the political arena.  If there are scandals, I've already heard of them.  I don't need my eyeballs rubbed in these messy messages, that leaves me nowhere to change my decision.  I expect you, as someone who is going to run my proud state of Wisconsin, to be serious and professional while you are running my affairs.

No, I can't donate money to your campaign.  I work my buns off for chicken feed taking care of your elderly parents, grandparents, disabled aunts and uncles who can't do much for themselves.  You, as a professional, have decided that some how, while you insist on having high quality care for your relatives, that this type of job is beneath you, therefore, doesn't deserve the pay.  In the mean time, while I get chicken feed for pay, because any of my clientele, who I dedicate myself to give them the care I would expect for myself, can't get full time hours nor benefits because we cannot guaranty our hours.  You see, because I take care of your relatives at home, while you have the satisfaction that I am giving professional and quality care to your family members, you will be receiving Cadillac insurance plans that I cannot afford for myself, even though my tax money is paying for yours.

Since I am just one person, I know that this probably won't make a difference to you, because issues like whether or not to lift minimum wage to $10.10 or to freeze it for the time being doesn't affect you, nor your family, nor your income.  I am just one person, but, I am a very vocal one person.  I vote.  I encourage everyone else to vote.  I don't worry if others are voting the same way I am.  I vote my conscience, and I expect other voters to do the same.  I am also a child advocate with a cause, called Youth Voice Initiative.  Here is the link - https://sites.google.com/site/youthvoiceinitiative/home

In the past, I've put forth ideas to protect child victims of abuse, particularly sex abuse.  Even though my efforts put a draft on the floor and died in committee, I've noticed over the years since then, bits and pieces of that particular piece have been put forth and passed, with those introducing it taking full credit.  That is fine.  Take the credit to boost your ratings.  You're getting elected, I am not.  As long as we are moving toward protecting abused children, I am not concerned if I get the credit.

What I DO ask of you, if you are looking for my vote, and the undecided & eligible voters that I come in contact with, is to please, with all sincerity, run a clean campaign.  No smearing.  I am not alone in wanting to hear why we should vote for you, as opposed to why we shouldn't vote "for the other guy".  I don't care who started it.  You are an adult, and making decisions about taxes, education, Wisconsin programs, health care including reproductive issues, fair workplace, and most other aspects of things that directly affect me and/or the people I know personally.  If you are not mature enough to run a clean campaign, you are not mature enough to represent me on the local, state nor federal levels of politics.  Whom ever runs a smear campaign, will force me to write myself in for that particular position, if I'm eligible.

Thank you for listening, in advance.  (I hope)"

Sincerely yours,

Lika (Saliscente) Phipps

"p.s.  The same also goes for following standard 'follow the leader' type decisions.  If you are not independent enough to follow what you, yourself believes as a legislator, you are not independent enough to be my decision maker in politics."

I am giving my readers in the same district permission, if they so feel that there are no candidates worth voting for, that they are able to use my name.  While no, I'm not officially running.  I am doing this out of protest, and all are welcome in joining with me, if you so desire.  If you are happy with your choices, great!  Go vote, and more power to you!  For those of you who are feeling as if you don't count, it is especially important that you also vote, because the more of us that vote, the more of us they have to listen to.  They can't ignore all of us.  Just remember, there are ways you can get to the polls, and even if it means you have to ask for a ride, there are free rides available.  If they are too busy, let me know, I'll take you myself.  Don't worry if you're voting different from me.  The important thing is, go vote.  Bring a neighbor with you.  We've got the power, use it.  This is a Republic/Democracy, and the system works better when we all use it.


If your neighbor didn't vote yet, and is disabled, give that person a ride or walk to the polls anyway.  Can't get in, because it's not handicapped accessible?  That's okay.  Someone has to come out to allow that person to vote.  It has to be done, no one can be turned away.  Never voted?  Bring your photo ID, proof of address (lease/mortgage, a recurring bill such as your WE Energies bill, and just to be safe, your S.S. card for signature purposes).

Education = FreedomEducation = Freedom

Don't know who to vote for?  Look them up.  Still don't know?  Ask your neighbors.  Ask your friends.  Ask your family.  Ask anybody, who they're voting for and why.  Make your own decision.  Still can't justify voting for them?  Well, you can always write my very own name.

This sums it up. This is why I encourage everyone to vote.

Peace out.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unrelenting Spirit: Blogophilia 23.7

In the words of Marvin Martian...
"Once upon a Sunday morning bright and fair,
There was an unrelenting spirit in the air.
Words and thoughts floating everywhere...
Come join us in Blogophilia, if you dare! 

Good Sunday morning, Earthlings. It's that time of the week, time for a new topic and pictures, time to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)"


Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a Mary Poppins quote or line (such as "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down")
(Easy, 1 point) Include two types of yellow birds in blog

Desert PrincessDesert Princess

There is a girl in a white dress, who beautifully strikes a pose.  Very serene, very humble, very modest.  While graciously the host of attention, she is not necessarily what she seems...  She is an unrelenting spirit, perhaps coming from divinity, or, a calm strength after a lifetime of hardship.  As a daughter of a peace keeper, she was cultured from different places near and far, expected to be a young diplomat, an ambassador of sorts, to the people her family happened to be sent to.  As an outsider, ostracized, pushed away, occasionally beaten.  Her parents, unrelenting, insisted she turn the other cheek, forgive, accept the mistreatment, and forced to be the house slave, if she acted out on the frustration of continuously being abused.  Every move to a different spot, was the same thing all over.  What this gal couldn't understand, was how her parents could put on such a good face in public, to keep peace between the nations, yet, would be so terribly the opposite way at home, behind closed doors...  Even though she felt like a yellow canary being used as an experiment, she knew she was really more like an exotic yellow hoopoe.

Having a mind of her own, insisting on getting accepted as is, for who she is as an individual, it seemed as if every corner of her life, someone was trying to break her.  Break her of her spirit, her independence & independent spirit, her courage, her center core...  But her natural talents kept her propped up.  Gifted artistically, she was awesome in her paining, sewing, and so much more, that she could escape by touring with the local acting group, so she could make the back drops, costumes, and blend in the background, where she could go unnoticed, uncriticized, blended in with the back drops, and quietly accept the awards for her hard work, since those whose faces that are promoted would accept the awards on her behalf, as part of the show.  Her family, happy to get rid of her, was fine with her going out on these events.  Occasionally, they'd come to the show, to make good face, about being a rock solid family with a ton of skeletons in the closet they sworn to secrecy... 

Many an events, many good, many too terrible to talk about, with her talent to help huge productions, she figures, In any job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  You find the fun, and SNAP!  The job's a game!  So there she goes.  Off to school, and then to intern as an apprentice designer for Jane Carr.  Watch out J. Lo!  Move over for the premier of sheer elegance!  Next thing you know, she is using her high end designs for her own store, donating proceeds to the women's shelters, child advocates, animal rescues, etc...  So the story continues...  Rather than being a statistic with the abuses that she endured, her passion for art kept her motivated and strong, and became her own unrelenting spirit, for the greater cause....

p.s.  This is a fictional story, not real.  but, for many who experience constant or multiple abuse systematically, a creative outlet where they can belong without having to worry about persecution is what keeps us from turning to drugs/alcohol, prostitution/human trafficking, etc.

Topic:  Rachelle Lynette
Bonus Points:  Poppy Ruth Silver & Bette Davis
Picture:  Barbara K
Word/Phrase:  1) girl in a white dress  2) strike a pose  3) sheer elegance  4) Desert Princess  5) Runaway Bride  6) taking a break  7) dawn/dusk of life  8) white desert  9) apparition  10) The Weeping Woman  11) lady in white  12)  the calm before a desert storm  13) silver lining in the cloud  14) woman in the wind  15) desert sunset  16) desert blossom  17) dead end

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cold November Shame: Blogophilia 22.7

In the words of Marvin Martian - https://www.facebook.com/notes/marvin-martian/blogophilia-week-227-cold-november-shame/769613559726530
It's that time of the week again:

No need for worry, no need for shame!
Get your pen in hand, ready, set, aim!
Come blog with us, join the fun and games!
Marvin guarantees you'll never be the same!!!

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) incorporate the character Sherlock Holmes in your blog
(Easy, 1 point) incorporate a token of love (i.e., a ring, love letter, etc.)

Every 4 years, there is a big huge gala when the big election is.  In the opposite years, it's called the midterm election, which is the next biggest election.  Many people have probably known which political leanings I tend to have, but, no matter...  To me, whether you agree with me, disagree with me, no opinion, or what have you, I wish more people would vote...  Seriously.  Many nonvoters feel disenfranchised, and that the big wigs are out of touch with the common people like us.  I say go vote, and vote with gusto!  This government was supposed to be founded on the fact that it's We, the Common People!  By us common people, OF us common people, FROM us common people!  Even if our people don't win, you made it, made a statement, and if we ALL get out and vote, they can't ignore ALL of us, can they?  They're always figuring that less than 50% of eligible voters actually vote.  And that's when the number is high...  Some crazy number...  Wouldn't it be fun, if some big wig full of him/herself, watching the polls as the come in, and throughout the first half of the count, it's going back and forth with whose ahead with each ward reporting...  and in the end, that pompous politician is feeling the cold November shame!  Oh, what a pit...  wait, the good guy won?  YAY!!!!

In the mean time, while all of these presidential hopefuls, wannabe senators and house representatives, governors, state senators and assembly people are busy running for office, wanting donations here, donations there, need more money, as to reach more people, and all too often, the politician with the biggest wallet also wins the election... (sad.  Very sad), there are so many people in S.E. Wisconsin who are either unemployed (not working but wants to), underemployed (is working, part time, and wants/needs more hours), and those who plain gave up, or currently not looking because of the bleak outlook that one cannot just get a descent job...  And the Baker Street Irregulars are running errands for some loose change, and the poor, young couple, with not a penny to spare, exchanges practical gestures like mittens instead of rings as a token of their love...

In Racine, WI, we have the highest unemployment rate in the whole state.  I know, I know...  There are others around the country that are in just as bad shape, if not worse....  I can't even get and keep 20 hours a week at the home care agency I work for, and I just finished school to become a health unit coordinator...  There is a glimmer of hope for me, another place wants to do a phone interview, for a prestigious hospital not too far away from me...  But, for my husband, he's waiting until he can find something after I start, hopefully soon, in my regular job...  In the mean time, he's been getting some odd jobs around the neighborhood, and helping friends and family out, and has been my son's learning coach for the last few years...  He is a hard worker.  I also have a bachelor's degree from way back, in International Relations, which never panned out for much, with my minor in political science, and my electives in music.  While I struggle, like many others, to find something more suitable for me, it's not easy to see others who are in similar situations, where many struggle to make ends meet...  But, the political parties carry on, and they just don't seem to get that some of us can't afford to give $25.00.  Sure, $25 is not much.  It's a whole lot, if you have little to no money.  That's the price of a much needed oil change.  Or to buy the ingredients needed to make supper for the next 3 days at the grocery stores...  And yes, some of us are THAT poor.  Yet out of those who are this poor, I am actually luckier than others.  At least I have a current job, and I'm in my own place.  But, that doesn't make it any easier, when I want to be able to go do things with my son, and there are very few free things to do, and I can't always pay for the gas.  At least I find a way to get to the next pay check...  And, as I've said, I have hope.  Hope that one of these places will hire me, because I'm ready to work!  I figure that at my age, retirement isn't until at least 67...  So I have at least 22 years, and if I'm not ready to retire, I may keep working. 

Because there are so many issues, and all are important...  You can't guaranty that just because you're educated, that you will find a position that pays half descent.  But, you don't have a chance, if you don't get educated.  An educated public means a better developed workforce, which leads to a stronger economy, but please, don't send our jobs overseas!  But, if we ARE to push that forward, we need to vote!  Make those elected officials listen, because they will be, if all of us do our patriotic duty and just do it!

waning waxwaning wax

Topic - Christopher
Bonus points - Barbara K. and Doris
Picture - Tyler

Word/Phrase:  1) waning wax  2) melting rainbow  3) hot colored wax  4) colorful pond  6) hot ashtray  7) psychedelic illusion  8) Trix marshmallow bowl  9) color splash!  10) rainbow tiara  11) rainbow (dis)connection  12) volcanic technicolor lava  13) color me rainbow  14)  skittles, taste the rainbow  15) purple rain  16) glee club  17) enlightenment fading  18) new life aging

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy Busy, Work, Errands, Band Shows, More Work, and more!!!

*Whew*  Busy weekend so far...  and while it's been great, I'm pooped out by the moment.  This summer of 2014 represents the 35th year that the Lighthouse Brigade Marching Band has been in existence.  I spent 5 summers, from 1983-1987 marching with the band.  It was the utmost best 5 summers I've spent, in my whole life, where a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went pouring into doing parades and field drills to perform across the state of Wisconsin, as well as in some other parts of the country.  One year we went to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the Western Days competition.  The other 4 we went to Traverse City, Michigan.  In later years, there would be Orlando, Florida as well as other neat places across the country.

Anyway, it's kind of a neat thing, because even with all of these other kids coming through the Brigade, those we will never personally know, probably never meet, though if we do, it doesn't matter if we were in the same time or different times.  There is an automatic bond, that you can only know, after being in a group such as this.  Sure, there are the popular cliques, just as usual for the high school age kids, but, there is always that greater bond of the whole, that each person has their role in the success of the group.  35 years, that started as a foresight.  And I was able to be a part of that for 5 short years.  I would never trade it for anything else.  So, I had to take up the opportunity for a reunion.

Friday morning, I worked my usual shift, from about 8-11ish, as I usually do on Friday mornings.  Went home, picked up my Chad, got my check, went to the bank, ate lunch together, went to Schmitt Music to buy the field show tickets, went grocery shopping, got the food put away, and then went back to work from 2:30-4:30pm.  Came home, ate a light supper, and went to the Lighthouse Brigade home show.  Stayed for part of the judging, came home, picked up my hubby, and we went to Denny's to pick up a bite, brought my son home to shower and such, went to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions, and finally got to bed at around 1am...  Then had to work for my other lady who I've been working for, since about 8.5 years ago, because I'm there every Saturday morning...

After that, of course, I frosted the cake my husband made the day before, and took some to my son's "Grandpa Honey".  It was his birthday last Thursday, and my son's other Grandpa was Friday...  My hubby made brownies for the picnic while we were out...  So, after visiting Grandpa Honey for a half an hour, we came home, grabbed pictures to bring, and went to the potluck picnic at the founder of the Lighthouse Brigade, Doug and Dianne Johnson's for a very cozy and nice picnic.  My son and I stopped at church, and we brought my Aunt home after the service. Then had my mom, stepdad, and sister come over for some cake, so both grandpas got their birthday cake today.

Hopefully, tomorrow won't be as hectic, though I think I'm going to be at least somewhat busy...  My son is going with his Grandparents and my sister to Minnesota to visit other family, so I have laundry and packing to do with my boy...  And that's after going to another service tomorrow morning.  (Well, I was going to finish this blog last night, and post it, but, I was so tired, I had to go sleep...  So, right now, it IS tomorrow, but it's today, Sunday...)

Anyway, it was totally fun seeing the different bands do their field drills.  It brought back the memories of the fun I had, hoping my son will join next summer.  Bands from all over Wisconsin, and even one from Canada.  It's been a while since I've been there, but, I surely do miss marching...  It was the best 5 summers I've ever spent!  Then it was great to spend time with the original directors at the family potluck picnic in their back yard.  They are very cool, and gracious enough to host the nutty group of us!  And we also had an interesting conversation, of how even if the kids were troubled, or uncontrollable, or a bit on the naughty or mischievous side, All of us who made it through the Lighthouse Brigade, has made it thus far without being in any legal issues or anything...  I think it says a lot, when we can say that 100% of the Brigade alumni are good citizens, where ever we are.  Remember, at the end of this season, there will be 35 years worth of us alumni...

We had a couple of baptisms at church, and then, after lunch, headed up to Milwaukee for some grocery shopping at the Asian Market.  Came home, helped pack my son's suit case, and soon, off to pizza at my mom's...  Been busy busy again, but, hey, I had a lot of fun! 

p.s.  I still haven't figured out how to upload pictures from my cell phone, so...  please hold, to get the pictures.

And hey, you!  Yes, Brigade people!  Please feel free to put in your input, and share your stories of the good, the bad, and the music!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ink is my... : Blogophilia 21.7

In Marvin Martian's words...  "Come and spill some ink with us at Blogophilia! Join us for blogging fun and friendship!"  https://www.facebook.com/notes/marvin-martian/blogophilia-week-217-ink-is-my/766333736721179

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Mention a lunar landmark
(Easy, 1 point) Include the phrase "color is my day long"

Blogging fun and friendship...  I agree that blogging should be fun.  Most of the time.  Unless you have something important to share, and most of us have serious issues that need to be told, whether it's a cause, or a pet peeve, or that a dear friend or family member is in dire need of prayers/good karma, etc...  And of course, to let us know if one of our online friends have passed away...  I am glad that we have a network that allows for all of these, and well, I think it's important to celebrate our friends we still have! 

Some of us are new friends, others are old friends...  Many of us got to be friends here online, and I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple of these in person.  Of course then there are those friends we've had since the time where we didn't know the internets even existed...  (yes, some of us are old enough to remember when computers were word processors and a piece of office equipment on steroids, and no, they did NOT go online...) 

Anyway, most of you myspacers from days of yore may remember the fact that 6 years ago, Mike and I were married to other people, I was getting ready to file for divorce, he was contemplating it, too, and one day, about 5.5 years ago (end of February 2009), Mike drove all the way from Des Moines, IA to permanently become a Wisconsinite.  Or maybe it's cheesehead.  Packer backer?  He is the first person from a social network (specifically myspace) that I met in person, and now, we have been married for about 3.5 years...

Then there was Sir Aleksandr, who is originally from Russia, but has been a great asset to our military with training exercises and is quite an expert on martial arts.  He had come to live with us for a short amount of time, and introduced us to a very thin, Russian pancake, called blini.  He is also a fan of action movies, and we've watched many of them together.  He now runs his own studio where he teaches self defense to women, and is also an advocate to protect others from sex abuse.  Right on, Bro!

The next person I met was Dustin, as the myspace days were getting a bunch of funerals, and many profiles were reappearing onto facebook.  Being from Texas, you'd never figure that he met us here in Wisconsin.  Dustin was doing a gig in the Chicagoland area, and we adopted him over the holidays while he was there, since going home was not an option for him.

After Dustin, when we were settling into facebook, of course, I got to meet Kelly, who ran for office against an incumbent with lots of money, and even though she didn't get elected, she sure made a statement!  Makes me proud of my fellow women, who have the courage to stand up the way she does.

In the facebook years, I got to meet Amanda and her cool husband and precious children, and I'm their babysitter.  And if anyone wants to help her photography schooling in progress, please consider getting professional pictures done at a reasonable rate, here is her page, and it would be helpful if you liked her page, and booked an appointment.  https://www.facebook.com/pjmphotos99

Then, at my graduation party, I got to meet Laura and Karen, both of whom I met here on facebook, and they're from here!  The crazy part?  I actually met Laura from Dustin...  Go figure.  Laura is from a town next to mine, Dustin is from Texas...  Small world, right?

And there are so many more...  Francine was my first good friend when I got onto myspace somewhere the end of 2006 to early 2007, because Chad was only 6 at the time...  And then there are people like Red, Elizabeth, Mike Skinner, Stacey, Sharon, Donna, Serene... and so many other advocates to help abused children...  I hope to meet all of them, too, someday. Well, in that case, my friends are like different colors in the big crayon box, and if color is my day long, then ink is my communicator.  Well, in this case, it's the printed word on a screen, technically not ink, but, you know what I mean...

I tell you, though, if the world is small, maybe the universe is shrinking, too?  Here, have a look ....  tell me what you think.

Solar SystemSolar System

So, my friends, you are actually a part of the extended family, because seriously, every person on the entire planet is separated by 6 degrees...  As in they are never more than 6 people apart.  :)  But now, I hope that the lunar lava-plain won't drop ashes on us...

Topic:  Irene
Bonus points:  Tyler and Barbara
Picture:  Steven Clark
Word/Phrase:  1) Solar System (pic caption)  2) small world (in blog)  3) The Milky Way  4) It's a small world, after all  5) Space, the final frontier  6) planetary line up  7) sun spots  8) nebula  9) wish upon a shooting star  10) meteor  11) light spots  12) Stars!  13) black sky  14) black hole backdrop for the sun  15) cosmos  16) great ball of fire  17) where no one has gone before...  (or is there intelligent life?  dunno)  18) women are from Venus  19) outer stratosphere  20) Earth below us

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Cascade of Possibilities: Blogophilia 20.7

Marvin Martian's blog - to get the parameters of participating - https://www.facebook.com/notes/marvin-martian/blogophilia-week-207-a-cascade-of-possibilities/761180893903130

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Include a lyric from a song by Air Supply
(Easy, 1 point) Use the word "carousel"

Well, you know, because I've been so busy with taking my classes for becoming a HUC, applying for a ton of positions, either as a health unit coordinator, patient care coordinator, medical office receptionist, as well as a coordinator/aid positions, then becoming certified as a coordinator, I've been kind of laying low with my cause, Youth Voice Initiative, to help to make social change, awareness of the damage it causes, and to get stiffer laws in punishing those who abuse our children in any way, any how, etc...  My current schedule as an aid for a home care agency has been fluctuating, with some of my clients passing away, going into hospitals or nursing homes, and picking up other hours, has not helped my busy schedule lately.  But, I think I'll be in more of a better routine, and with this routine, comes a cascade of possibilities

I am hoping for a 1st shift position, but, I'll accept 2nd, because I need a relatively normal schedule to help me control my blood sugar numbers.  I finally now have some weekends off, so now I'm hoping to be able to spend SOME time with my son, who still wants to be able to spend a little time with me.  I am fortunate, because we know that teens often don't want to have much with their parents.  But, okay, he knows he can talk to me about anything, including improper topics, and even taboo topics, and I will answer what ever he wants to know.  He sees it that I have hidden knowledge and he just can't get enough.  But that is good, because as he ventures out into the world, others may try to steer him wrong, or give him false information about some things, such as drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, etc...  All of this other info is kind of like a never ending carousel in justifications, half-truths, lies, etc.  My boy knows that old mom here, is going to give him the answer that is as right and correct as I know how, and so he will be able to logically explain to naysayers about what is true or not true.  He is most definitely my pride and joy.

The Glimmer in my eye.The Glimmer in my eye.

Topic - Colleen Keller Breuning
Bonus Points - DJ Myke and Bettie Davis
Picture - Nissemech
Word/Phrase:  1) glimmer in my eye (picture caption)  2) cry me a river  3)  peaking over the horizon  4)  There once was a girl, who cried and drowned the whole world  5)  sunset over water  6)  standing at the water's edge  7)  you are my sunshine (my only sunshine)  8) Please don't take my sunshine away  9)  looking over the sunset  10)  I see you!  11)  watchful eye on the water  12)  the day is done  13)  you're as beautiful as a sunset  14)  apple of my eye  15)  good night  16)  golden eye  17) reflections in the horizon  18)  my soul is an empty carousel at sunset (pablo)  19)  eye of the beholder  20)  wonderment at summer's eve

Monday, July 7, 2014

More fresh things from the market, and a little bit more...

These were supposed to be a bunch of status updates....  But, facebook wasn't letting me on for a couple of days, and then my computer was so slooowww.....  Plus, I've been busy.

I have been certified as a Health Unit Coordinator.  I've started applying for jobs again, and well, I have to say...  it's not as plentiful as they were.  Thing is, the 2012/13 school year only had 21% of their HUC grads find a position.  I started applying for them in April of 2014, when I still had a month to go.  Tons of applications.  Yet I'm still looking, and so I'm wondering who filled those positions?  Some you have to be an aid, also.  Many of the people in my class were not aids.  But, anyway...  Gotta keep the nose to the grind, and not be discouraged.  God will ensure that I land the right one. 

So, anyway, last Wednesday, I took my son and hubby to the farmer's market in West Racine, and my hubby wanted to get fresh beats.  We also got a few more things.  More green onions, popcorn on the cob, etc.  The beats still had the greens, so those got cut off and sliced, to help get turned into the veggie part of the pan fried noodles called yakisoba.  It's kind of like the Japanese version of lo-mein.  I also had some cabbage and sugar snap peas, so they went in there too, along with the green part of the green onion.  It was good.  Of course the onion part got used for something else.

My son has been helping out at the soup kitchens, and I think it's great that he helps out there.  It is always an interesting time for me.  Sometimes, the group has this total thankful type attitude...  And I always wonder why they are thankful, and to me, even....  I don't always have enough to donate food, and they are still glad that I am serving them.  Other times, the group is rather tame, and come to accept the food.  But, it is interesting, because at the end, they always feel like saying thanks, or complimenting the food, etc...  I just feel like I'm the one whose blessed to serve them, not them blessed because I serve them.  Fellow volunteers are always neat, because every group has a different personality.

I'm going to have a cousin from Japan come for a couple of days to visit.  I am happy for that.  Anyway, I am hoping that she will be enjoying her time with us.  She will be moving on elsewhere after visiting my family.  She's staying at my mom's, where there is suitable room.

Open mic this Wednesday...  helping my son get more on his repertoire list.  He is a card, I tell you.  Even comes up with good ones off of the top of his head.  And I'm wondering if the family being in health care is rubbing off on some of his dark humor...  but, it was hilarious!