Sunday, April 20, 2014

Golden Age of Music: Blogophilia 9.7

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Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a quote from Charles Babbage
(Easy, 1 point) Include a lyric from a Bruno Mars song  

I have always loved music.  I remember, even as a small child, that I would pretend that I was a star, using jump ropes, winter scarves, etc as props and any room in the house, including the bathroom, was my stage.  Of course, in public, I've always been a lot shyer, but, regardless, music was so integrated and ingrained into my life, I really don't think it can be separated from me.  As a product of being a teen in the 80's, in many ways, that's MY version of the golden age of music.  The group called Dead or Alive is my favorite, and who can't love this song?

But, of course, C.C. would argue with Wiki when they say that the 40's-60's is the golden age of music, because of course classical music is the foundation of all music, as we know it in the Western hemisphere.  Of them, I say it's Mozart is a genius, musically.  Here is a sample.  Mozart's Clarinet Concerto -

But then, for our country, I'd say that Jazz/Big Band was a form of a musical golden age, and who doesn't like Benny Goodman?  This Sing, Sing, Sing With A Swing, with the Christopher Columbus drum intro is my ultimate favorite.  I just love that introduction.

Anyway, just to bounce off of my rant blog from yesterday, I had decided to get into the Health Unit Coordinator program, because it seemed as if they are on the rise in the health field, and with some of my bad luck as a patient, I wanted to be able to help others not have to go through the rigor.  Now, I'm not so sure how much is out there, but, I am holding out for hope, I did not bust butt this far just to let it go.  No way.  In the words of Charles Babbage, "Errors using inadequate data are much less than using no data at all".  I got that advice from Trevor, and I like to finish what I started.

But, of course, Nina always likes to sing Bruno Mars with the line of "I'll be the light to guide you", and she sure knows how to show her friends support!

Breakfast At Tiffany's
Breakfast At Tiffany's

In this artsy place, Bettie likes this picture of romance, as if she were in an Italian Restaurant.  Or maybe she just likes the view having breakfast at Tiffany's.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Season changes, moving on to other pastures, a random rant

I remember growing up as a child, and some days would drag on, making a season feel like it's 3 years, rather than about 3 months.  Of course, as teens, we're always in a hurry to grow up.  We want to be 16 going on 25 or something.  We eventually grow up, and we savor our 20-something years.  Then we have children, and I swear time flies like we're in warp speed.  Not just warp 1, either.  More like warp 3.

Anyway, this last year and a half seems to have flew by especially fast.  We moved to this house in September of 2012.  I applied to get into the health care field, through the Racine County Workforce Development Center, to get grants to become a Health Unit Coordinator.  I really should be working on my resume and last minute homework, but, I just wanted to get this in... 

So, before I could start taking the coordinator courses, I had to get the prerequisite, which was either Human Body and Disease, or the CNA...  I figured okay, I'm already doing aide work, and I did my homework to see what types of position this coordinator thing, and seeing that many times, coordinators also have to serenade as CNA's, I just figured that it makes the most sense to do the CNA thing.  I finally got into the March 2013 session, and got organized to take up all of the coordinator courses...  The teacher in this class was super cool, and pretty funny.

Fall semester, I had 3 classes, all on Wednesdays, and the first 2 were out in Elkhorn, and the 3rd here in Racine.  My teachers were pretty nice.  Even though there wasn't anything aside from wanting success for students, they were good enough.  But not as cool as the Nurse teacher for the CNA class.

Then came spring semester, of course, I also had to take a technical writing class, which is helping me to polish up my professional writing techniques, as well as the fact that I took the Health Unit Coordinator Procedures 1, in 3rd quarter, with the Procedures 2 and clinical that is getting ready to end soon...  I just figured that my teachers were going to be the usual, kind of the same as fall semester.  My writing teacher has a big personality, and that makes the class more interesting.  My coordinator teacher is super cool, and, well, he's the one that I wrote about in a previous blog (the sexy instructor).  I have a small class, and the whole class is full of characters.  Seriously.  I think this was probably the only class that I've taken that not only was the teacher super cool, but the whole class was interesting, because of individual personalities. 

With my clinical, the lady that has been my mentor for the past few weeks, she's such a sweetheart.  I'm really going to miss her and the floor that I'm at, just because this part of my course work integrated with me fairly quickly.  I'm actually getting kind of a contradicting feeling here...  On one hand, I've always been one to be happy when I get to close another chapter in my life, and to move on and start new again.  Like when I finished elementary school, I was ready for Jr. High.  When I was transitioning to high school, I welcomed that change.  Then I moved on and went to Parkside, changed job positions, various extra curricular activities, etc...  At each spot to move on, I was ready.  I embraced the change.  And in many ways, I'm feeling this same excitement of moving on, opening a new chapter...  But, I'm also feeling that sometimes life is too temporary.  It's not just that I've lost my grandparents, who lived full lives and I will probably miss them for the rest of my life.  It's also that I've also lost other relatives as well as home care clients and classmates.  Then the fact is, my son is going to be done with middle school, and will be a high schooler this fall, and, the home care position that I've had for 11 years will be replaced by a more stable and better paying position. 

While graduating from this coordinator program is a good thing, and I'm looking forward to finding a better paying position with a regular schedule, since right now, I feel like a yo-yo.  I go out to take care of someone for a couple hours, and I may or may not have someone else right after that, so I come back home, go out for another couple hours, go to another client, come home, go back out....  So, a normal schedule will be very welcome, to provide more stability.  My blood sugars have dropped, and I've lost a little weight with my current schedule with school and work.  I'm on a roll.  It's fun and exciting...  But, at the same time, I am feeling like I'm just getting to know some of these people really well this semester, and just when we're getting to know each other and such, it's time to move on...  I've never had these ambivalent feeling before.  Maybe it's menopause approaching, I don't know.  I've never been overly sentimental, but, I'm finding myself in this very predicament.  I already know that I'm going to miss my coordinator instructor, my clinic mentor, and some others.

Anyway, it just feels like the seasons are changing too fast.  I probably won't attend graduation, but, I DO want to have some sort of cookout party.  It will be good to celebrate with friends, old and new.  And I'm asking for everyone to pray, send good karma, positive thoughts, etc...  I really do need to be able to find a regular work position with a regular schedule, with at least a little bit better pay, because what I'm hauling right now, isn't cutting it very well.  Not that I'm complaining, the home care agency I work for has been, at least somewhat good to me.  But, it's at this point in my life that I need to strive for something bigger, better, and higher.

Thanks to you all.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hooked on a Feeling: Blogophilia 8.7

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Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate echolalia (echo-like repetition of another's words)
(Easy, 1 point) Include a conflagration

Sometimes I am a ham.  I don't mind getting my picture taken.  I'm not shy.  Barbara K loves to take photos, and maybe she'll get one of her photo-shoots published in a professional magazine.  That would be cool, if it were Lights! Camera! Action!

But, I don't want any of that, when I'm having one of those things, you know, you're in a happy relationship, but, someone catches your eye...  It's kind of like a crush, but it's more like a lust...  (One of my instructors is extremely sexy).  And it's one of those things that you're hooked on a feeling, and the David knows what I'm talking about...  It has it's benefits, when you're in a healthy relationship.  My husband, Mike, actually gets to reap the benefits, and he does not mind.  He actually is appreciating the certain extra attention. 

Yet occasionally, I get the weird looks and rude comments if I mention something about other people being attractive...  Listen to this song -

I won't back down.  No, I won't.  You can stand me up at the gates of hell, and I won't back down...  Trevor understands my echolalia here.  And we also know that only smart people can be sexy, because it comes from within.  Good looks are optional.  Hey, our writing group is full of smart people!

Hey, our smart & sexy people are all over, like a global wild fire that won't back down either!  But only the fire is destroying everything, we're actually beautifying everything.  Gerard may have to help put these fires out...  I don't know.  I know my instructor could, in more ways than one... 

p.s. My instructor (nor any of my classmates, in this class) is not on my friend list, but I do have a public profile.  I really hope he doesn't read this, considering there's still about 3 weeks of school left, and it would be embarrassing if he knows I think he's very sexy.  But, well, no harm, right?  I'm only window shopping, not planning on buying from the store.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a Drop: Blogophilia 5.7

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Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points)  Include 2 John Keats poetry titles
(Easy, 1 point)  Mention "3 chord blues"

Once upon a time, when dairy products weren't wreaking havoc on my digestive system, I'd had a long day working hard, first with doing drills with the Lighthouse Brigade Marching Band, and then only grabbing a doughnut from Bendtsen's Bakery as a quick lunch (I was young and skinny, and could afford to eat like that, back then), and then helping to cut the grass at my house, and then the elderly lady's next door (who paid me with coke and home made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and granted, very good, it was even too much sugar for me, as an active teenager....)  I would have appreciated a glass of milk with the cake, but especially after the coke, even just one drop...  nothing to be found...  shoot, my younger siblings finished off the milk at breakfast, and my mom wasn't home from the store yet...  Maybe Nissemech will have some milk to spare, because he likes milk with cookies...

Then, holy kamole!  Walking through the business district of West Racine, is this some kind of hallucination, or who is this lady, anyway?  Marylin Milk?  The crowd laughs, obviously knowing this lady wearing a milky way dress.

Marylin Milk
Marylin Milk

Dang, just as I was wanting to just look for a glass, I am not sure what to make of this...  Then I hear Trevor heckling out "Got milk"?  It's almost as if she is wearing silk milk and dancing to Nina's band jamming out the 3 chord blues named Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys... 

Then I hear C.C. make a request for a reading or two, first Lines on the Mermaid Tavern, and when the applause came to a stop, she, herself gets up to read The Human Seasons.  What a reading!  All are awed by C.C.'s performance, and I look around, and the milk girl has disappeared...  And then the party rolls on, with Old Time Rock and Roll...  Strange.  Very strange.  Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Road Trip: Blogophilia 3.7

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Quote John Milton
(Easy, 1 point) Include a lemon flavor

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As I'd written last week, as the founder of YVI, nothing would please me more than to be able to have enough bodies to get a law passed, or even have some kind of new awareness campaign named after the cause, just so then, I could go on a Road Trip with Irene and other supporters to the cause, to Madison (Wisconsin's capital) or to Washington D.C. to speak to a legislative committee or to congress to impress the importance of protecting our abused children.

Save the Buffalo
Save the Buffalo

In this country, where the Buffalo roam, and free to be home on the range...  I think our children should be safe to be able to be energetic like the Buffalo Bills.  Or maybe we need this Buffalo Soldier to help us out...  Dave Raider understands what I'm talking about...

We all know that a child abused is paradise lost for them, especially when sex abuse is rampant.  In many of these cases, Colleen reminds us that "The mind is its own place and in its self, can make Heaven of Hell, and Hell of Heaven"Which is so true, because any abuse is very traumatic for anyone, and when it's long lasting, the negative after effects for decades.  Sex abuse can be even more traumatic than any other types.  And there are different types, such as emotional, psychological, neglect is also a type of abuse, and now, of course bullying and cyber bullying.

I've always loved children, long before I've even had my own.  The thought of any child being abused, just makes me mad...  That in combination of the fact that I am good at complaining, so I figured I'd use that aspect of myself to apply to help with wanting to protect our little cutie pies.

To be able to find out more on how to help our children, please check out this event, whether it's just to be curious, or find out how to be more proactive, check this out here:

You may be the one to be good at turning lemons into lemonade, right, Gerard?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Close, Reasonable, and Good! Rants of a mad foodie...

I've been meaning to write this for a while, and I'm finally doing this.

We went out to dinner to a Mexican place called La Lluvia, located in Sturtevant, just west of Driftwood, where the old Olympic restaurant was located.  It's cozy, and the food is pretty authentic.  Being a local business still on the new side, they could use some of your business.  The prices are pretty reasonable, and the food is pretty good!

So, anyone wanting to do a party or dinner out, Mexican style, I'd suggest going here rather than the chains, because the food here is not only pretty authentic, you're not eating a greasy plate of food, either.

Another good Mexican place is the Stone Coral, just up the street (to the east) from Infusino's, and of course who doesn't like Italian, also?

I've been a little bummed since the Hibachi Grill closed...  But, I must say, Uptown China is a new Chinese place, and they're reasonably priced, and to my surprise, had sushi.  The only other place that has sushi as good, or a little better here in Racine, is Shogun.  Of course Honada's in Kenosha is very good also.

Though places like Infusino's, DeRango's on 6 mile, Stone Coral, Shogun, and Honada's are worth their prices, for those of us on a budget and want to enjoy a meal out, I highly suggest La Lluvia and Uptown China are great places to get your fill of Mexican or Chinese & sushi to satisfy your cravings for these specialty items of ethnic foods.  Uptown China is brought to you by the same owners as Rong Hua's, on 16th St. just east of Taylor Ave.  They're great for take out, also at reasonable prices, especially for lunch.

Just remember, supporting local business helps grow the local economy.  Lets not wait for the politicians to help us, we have to do this ourselves, and when we shop local, we help create our own jobs.  So, please, when considering going out to eat, choose local, and the majority of the money spent stays close to home, therefore, helping to expand available jobs, and especially help those who are starting, to be able to stay afloat, rather than sinking and leaving another unsightly empty place of business!

The Dark Side Of Living - Happy 7th Anniversary: Blogophilia 1.7

(this is out of order)

The Dark Side Of Livin' - Happy 7th Anniversary - Blogophila 1.7

March 1, 2014 at 12:12am
  • It's quite simple but there's a twist to it!  Below are SEVEN "things"
  • 1) "Seven Samurai's"
  • 2) "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
  • 3) "Seven Wonders of the World"
  • 4) "Seven Deadly Sins"
  • 5) "Seventh Son of the Seventh Son"
  • 6) "Seven Hills"
  • 7) "Seven Dwarfs"

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Mention a J.S. Bach song
(Easy, 1 point) Incorporate two-faced behavior

I've only been with Blogophilia for a short time and only sporadically, yet I feel as if the fellow contributors are a part of my extended family somehow...  So, happy 7th anniversary, and I toast a nice, refreshing 7-up to all of the participants new and old!

Anyway, it's odd, because I'm going to school in the health care field, going first from Personal Care Worker (PCW) to being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and now, going for a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC).  Okay, bad pun....  Anyway, I digress...  but I feel like I'm Snow White, because people ask me health questions as if I'm Doc, but I'm still a student, so aw, I'm a SHUC.  So I'm Bashful to answer, though other times, I'm Happy to comply, but when I can't answer the question fully, I feel a bit Dopey, then I get Grumpy, so I get up tight and get Sneazy.  Then I'm worn out, so I'm Sleepy.  So that would actually make me the Seven Dwarfs at one time, and not really Snow White...  *sigh*

As if that weren't enough, then I get asked if I'm related to any of the Seven Samurai's because I'm from Japan...  and that makes me want to run to the Seven Hills.  But, I'm a child advocate, so no, I must not run away, because I need to eradicate the Seven Deadly Sins of these people who are too lazy to work to be a better person...  So, I must try to instill the Seven Heavenly Virtues

This Seventh Son of the Seventh Son kind of reminds me of my grandpa's situation, where he was the oldest son of the oldest son.  My great grandfather came from Hungary.  Before my grandfather passed, his cousin, who is the youngest (daughter) of the youngest son, is actually 20 years younger than he is, and it was still neat...

I think that the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is pretty neat, but, I'm hoping that ridding the abuse of children should be a goal to make it to be the Eight wonder of the world...  But then, I think Irene is looking to be part of the 7-Up wars...

Where the hell are YOU going?
Where the hell are YOU going?

So, it's the 7th anniversary for Blogophilia, and this is the first blog of the 7th year here...  So, does this mean that we are all married bloggersDon't run away from me you silly, you're stuck with me...  But, I think that Marvin Martian is still gun shy around us earthlings, and doesn't want to make THAT kind of commitment...

I think that J.S. Bach with his Baroque style is quite exquisite, matching Mozart's level of musicianship.  But of course being the outward person I am, I love his Overture in D Major, directed by C.C.. 

As with anything, there is also the dark side of living, and Liam understands that life isn't always happy and smooth.  It's like when that two faced acquaintance of The David came up and was acting like we're all best friends, and then tried to back stab us.  Mission fail.

p.s.  To participate, click the link above, and go from there.