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He Sat On a Hat: Blogophilia 27.7

This is Week 27 of Year 7 in Blogophilia!

Sharpen your pencils, dive into your inkwells --
Put your troubles aside, rise above adversity!
Don't sit on the bench, don't let your muse dwell --
Come write with us in Blogophilia's Season Three!

Good Sunday morning, Earthlings!  Welcome as we begin a brand new season -- Season 3 of Year 7!!   All points from the last season will be added to the lifetime totals, and points reset to zero.  Since it's a new season, the slate is clean and the time is now to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Use 2 characters from Marvel Comics and 2 from D.C. Comics
(Easy, 1 point) Have a character get lost

My, oh, my.

This is no hickory-dickory-dock.  No mouse ran up the clock.
Yipidy yikes!  But here is Thor and Loki!

Loki & ThorLoki & Thor

I know, I know!  Thor is a God, but, for me, it's Loki who steals my soul.
And oh, no!  Not some competition from the female hero?
Dipidy-doopidy!  It's Wonder Woman and Cat Woman!

Wonder Woman & Cat WomanWonder Woman & Cat Woman

Cat Woman is hot, but, Wonder Woman is the strength we cannot forgot.

The wind blows, the evil attacks, and Wonder Woman galore, Thor, he sat on a hat!
In the midst of chaos, oh, no!  Where is my Loki?  I am at a loss...
Where is that Sam I am, Cat in a hat?  But wait, what is the meaning of that?

It's a zoo!It's a zoo!

Topic:  Irene
Bonus Points:  Michael Todd & Nissemech
Picture:  Leta
Word/Phrase:  1) It's a zoo!  2) Safari  3) tropical cruise  4) Animal whisperer  5) exotic animals  6) lollipop world  7) Field trip  8) summer vacation  9) zoo colored glasses  10) modern Garden of Eden  11) paradise  12) Sarenghetti 13) Sahara

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Soup Kitchens, the State of the Economy, and Rants of a Mad Woman

Our Savior's Lutheran Church hosts a soup kitchen every Sunday for those who need to come in, whether it's because people are food insecure, just need company, or, in many cases, that's the only full meal they get, and appreciate the left overs that are given to them after the meal, so they can eat it for lunch the next day.  Many of the other Lutheran churches help staff the soup kitchens each Sunday, so it doesn't fall on one church to keep it up every Sunday.  I try to volunteer to serve when my church is hosting.  I don't mind, it's actually rewarding, because I relate with the fact that I am 1 paycheck away from needing to be on the other side of the service line.  I am fortunate.  I can get by.

But anyway, in the past, when I've volunteered for this particular soup kitchen, we usually had a line that covered one of the long walls, sometimes not even.  Today, not only did the line go all the way down the wall, it went around the corner and covered a second wall, and the line seemed a bit more scrunched together than usual.  Then, we even had stragglers coming in.  This was something along the line of 3 or 4 times more people, than I remember ever serving at one of these.  Granted, don't get me wrong.  It was satisfying to be of helpful service.  Really.  And I am glad that we had plenty of food, and not only did we not run out after giving 2nds, we had left overs to give.  I know, I already said that.  I was just impressed that we fed more people than usual AND had enough to give some to send home.

Seriously, though.  I don't know how many commercials that says that our economy is better, and that there are more jobs...  Really?  So, some of our politicians came to the opening celebration of some new businesses.  But, on the other hand, how many businesses closed, or downsized?  Porter's closed.  Lathrop Furniture closed.  Spartan's Gyro's closed.  Many others, also.  And of course let us not forget that SC Johnson had to downsize some of their staff, but also shipped a few hundred jobs to a different state.  And look also in the fact that we've lost tons of manufacturing jobs.  The number of jobs created, it seems, is smaller than the number of jobs lost.  this trend is showing in the numbers that are going to places like the soup kitchens and such.

I bet if we look at these organizations such as the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization - and Safe Haven - or the Women's Resource Center - or the Racine/Kenosha Action - - Seriously, if we ask them, they will probably be able to give numbers on how many they've served in the last couple of years.  We aren't really better off.  I've also talked to so many people that are currently out of work, or not enough work, and are in dire need of some or more employment that they currently have.

Thing is, I've been looking for a different job for about 7 years now.  Since finishing my Health Unit Coordinator courses back at the end of April, I stopped counting how many applications I've put out for HUC, CNA, HUC/CNA, medical receptionist, etc. at 105 apps.  Yes.  Stopped counting at 105 since April.  And I'm still filling out apps.  Over the last 7 years, not excluding my recent mega-push of apps, I've probably filled out apps for about 800-1000 positions.  I've had some interviews, maybe about 10, which have not turned out fruitful.  Again, I'm not complaining.  Yes, my back aches, I need my husband's help at home for most of the house keeping duties, and because hip and knee joints have to work harder to compensate for my back, they're starting to creak also.  At least I have a job, though doing any type of aid/nursing work is also very taxing on the back.  Most of the time with home care, you're there on your own, which makes it even harder.  At least in a hospital setting, there are people to partner up with for certain patients.

Well, anyway, I do have a B.A. in International Relations, with a minor in Political Science which I graduated from in 1995.  I have some office experience, as well as some experience teaching.  But, with as many cuts in education, and many people on the health exchange needing to go to the free health care site, I hope I'm not wasting my time trying to get back into either teaching, or further delving into some form of a health care office position.

So, with my personal experiences, and in talking to others, I am wondering how the governor or the president can even make a statement about the economy is better.  Maybe somewhere else.  But not here in S.E. Wisconsin.  With all this I hear about how the numbers are better, yet I meet people almost weekly, that they are looking for a better position, and not being able to find or get them.  Anyone with any advice for those of us who are broke is welcome to put it here in a comment.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Lonely Seas Prevail: Blogophilia 2.1

This is Week 26 of Year 7 in Blogophilia!

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Use a quote by Dante Alighieri
(Easy, 1 point) Incorporate the color of your eyes
Space.....  The final frontier....  These are the voyages of human kind....  To boldly want to go, where we can't.  Yet.

Sky desertSky desert

It's amazing how often, science fiction can help shape the future on technology.  Captain Kirk's communicators turned into cell phones.  The medical tricorders turned into ultrasound, and the other tricorders turned into metal detectors and such.  I like to use Star Trek as an example, because, well, imo, it's the best of sci fi along with the imagination of different species, action, etc.

I think we all would think it's cool to explore space, and find other intelligent life.  And if Star Trek can be achieved, I sometimes wonder if some of these other intelligent species, say like the Vulcans, have issues with the madness such as domestic violence, drugs, etc...  Even if there is strife with the Romulans, the Vulcans had it so they were on different planets.  They are the same people, divided by logic.

This futuristic theme, while it still has a great deal of turmoil and strife, also has many ideas that are ideal, such as not needing money, poverty along with malnutrition and lack of health care were no longer issues, racism and sexism eradicated, and intergalactic communication...  Globally.  While dealing with the issues on Star Trek, and it's modern, post today era, it makes me wonder if we are actually capable of even coming close to this. 

Thing is, there are so many issues to consider.  Race relations is just in a huge way is a problem here in this country.  Wage disparities still happen.  With each issue, it seems as if the liberals are pushing harder left, and the conservatives harder right.  At this pace, we are only going to create a political climate of bigger argument, stonewalling the other party, and too many arguments and not enough getting the job done.  I, personally think most of us Americans are more in the middle.  But, it's not just us.  Look at the Israel/Palestine wars, which have been going on, literally for centuries.  Eastern Europe still are fighting the religious wars, where the person/party in power chooses the national religion, and the religion in power influences the political climate.  These are many reasons why the boarders of these countries keep changing.  Of course then, there are the third world countries where poverty is the norm, and it's really hard to deal with, when babies die from starvation or some form of preventable diseases...

Well, I'll tell you, that this brown eyed girl agrees with Dante Alighieri when he states, "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crises".  Right is right, even if you're the only one doing it, and wrong is still wrong even if everyone is doing it.  Yes, I realize it's the lonely seas prevail when it seems as if you're continuously taking the high road.  This high road isn't just about standing up for a cause, but, to not settle for second best when settling down with a mate, and what have you.  This is also why I stay convicted in my belief that someone needs to help make the social change to help abused children.

But, of course with all of the good people here in blogophilia, and the good people I go to open mic with, and then all of my awesome friends, there IS a chance, and hope that more people can pass the goodness forward.

Topic:  Barbara K.
Bonus points:  Stormy and Michael Tod
Picture:  Nina
Word/Phrase:  1) Desert Sky  2) spacial anomaly  3) electrical charge  4) marbled sky/land  5) galactic lights  6) Northern Ice Lights  7) distortion field  8) Time Warp  9) arctic cold

Friday, August 15, 2014

When Fear Turns to Anger, the Revolution Begins

As a college student, I was very active in the Student Government Association, and we were part of the state student association called United Council.  Jennifer Smith was the Women's Issues director, and she was pretty awesome.  I looked up to her in many ways, and was (and probably still is, if I knew how to contact her), a good role model for young women.  I'm not sure if this was her own, or if she found it someplace, but, for those of us who are in abusive relationships may not see, those who never were in one may not understand, but for us, who have survived and working on thriving, fully understand that for us to get out and be where we are now, that the scary step to say enough had to happen first.  It's at that point, when we understand that to reinvent ourselves from abuse victim to survivor, that "When fear turns to anger, the revolution begins"!!!

There is an underground war out there in the wilderness of the web (off of the web, also).  Child molesters.  Pedophiles.  Kiddie porn snuff films.  Human trafficking.  Sex slavery.  Even having to watch one of our parents be abused by the other is very traumatic.

As much as we don't want it to happen, it is there.  We cannot imagine them gone.  It is real.  It is here, and it's everywhere.

While many pedophiles are lurking at parks, carnivals, and other family events, ready to groom you and your children into trust and secret taboos...  Most offenders are known to the children and family as a pillar to society.  A well known coach.  A much loved teacher.  A supportive minister.  Success seems to surround them.  And it protects them.

No, this is NOT to scare you.  This is to inform you.  Too many of these perverts have such a good facade, their dark side is hidden.  This is no Darth Vader whose good side can be brought forth to stop the madness.  The good face is what protects them from what they really are.  MONSTERS!!!!!!!!  It is their place in society that makes this evil so unbelievable.  Blame the victim.  Children lie.  This can't happen in our society.  Mr. Doc would never do this...  This is what they are hoping for, and they take advantage of it.

This is yet the most grossly under reported crime, mostly because of the shame and the taboo still surrounding it.  Those that are reported don't go to trial.  The ones that go to trial, many get dismissed due to lack of biological evidence.  Those that make it through, the perpetrators rarely spend a day behind bars.  If a children are assaulted by a family member, they are often returned right back to the same scenario of where, why and how the crime happened in the first place.

Go check it out.  RAINN = Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.
Or try this one.  FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation.  or

A single mother needing her father to babysit her daughter...  She shouldn't have to take sides.  Or a married, divorced, and remarried couple, with an older step brother and a younger step sister...  The parent of the victim shouldn't have to choose between the spouse and their child...  Really?  Seriously?  Well shit!  I don't care WHO you are.  You touch MY kid the wrong way, I will KILL you, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Normal parents are like me.  Which is why these damned pedophile go further underground.  But some parents defend the pedophile, I don't know why.  But these are why I advocate!  I hear the stories.  I feel the pain.  So I try to legislate.  Some politicians are good listeners.  Others may try to write it up.  Too often, not serious enough.

Too many supposedly "support" my mission, but are too chicken to step up to the plate.  This is NOT a party issue.  Stop politicizing.  Children are dying at the hands of these assholes who abuse them.  The suicide rate for those victimized by sex abuse is much higher than even those who are mentally ill.  Step up, don't shut up, or you're supporting them.  Don't be afraid, because when fear turns to anger, the revolution begins.

Take part in supporting the Youth Voice Initiative now.
Facebook YVI page -
Facebook group -
Google Sites -
Google + -
Care2 -
Linked In -

I hope to get more people involved.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Time Is Up (A Festival Experience): Blogophilia 25.7

This is Week 25 of Year 7 in Blogophilia!

Our time is almost up this season,
Just two weeks remain to write!
Time to put those pens to paper
And let those ideas take flight!
Good Sunday morning, Earthlings. It's that time of the week, time for a new topic and pictures, time to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate 2 Motown song titles
(Easy, 1 point) Mention a clown

So our time is up soon for the summer season of Blogophilia, and so it is for summer festivals.  I had the opportunity to go up to the Arab Fest in Milwaukee, WI - I was looking forward to it.  And the three of us, my husband Mike, my son Chad, and I all had a fun & interesting time there.

Walking into the west end of the Summerfest grounds, there was this so called Christian group, handing out pamphlets and other "Christian" information, as some kind of quiet protest and rather than a picket, it was hate type information against Arab people in general, across the street.  I tried to ensure that my husband and son NOT engage with these people, to just keep walking, and keep going right past them, they were both handed this same booklet.  It's a comic book style set up, depicting money and greed - worshiping wealth over helping others as being an Arab "king".  When I actually looked at it, I was irked that my son something like this.

Seriously, this type of thing is NOT Christian teaching, and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, I tell you, I know a Christian when I see one, and these people definitely are NOT it.  I'm sure they think so.  On the way out, walking past, a man was there that was NOT there when we walked in, asking about my son and the love of Jesus.  I just firmly told this clown, "You people need help".  And kept walking.  According to Mike, he had this dumbfounded look on his face, as if he didn't understand.  Well, I know my faith.  I am taught not to hate others.  With this type of message to others, their fate is Signed, Sealed and Delivered, so I hope that they wake up and use some sense about their beliefs.

But, I digress...  We went in, and looked at a couple of the out door markets they had there.  Both had multiple vendors, and it was really neat.  Some of the things are Egyptians, and parts of northern Africa are considered part of the Muslim faith block over there, in the Near/Middle East Asia.  One of the vendors have anklets...  I like those.  One of my friends had given me one years back, and that style anklet is my favorite, with the small jingles on them.  We also learned a little bit of the culture and beliefs.  It is curious that just as with OUR faith, some do misinterpret things to do evil, rather than good, and these few bad apples spoil it for the bushel. 

After looking through the various vendors, and signing a petition for a lady who came as a sexually abused teen, who wanted to seek safety here in the states, because she was basically a sex slave where she was.  After 10 years, she tried to apply for citizenship.  She was denied.  Now, 20 years after she has been here, and yes, the government knows she's been here, the government now wants to deport her because she is an activist, and quite a strong one, for issues like sex slavery and other issues that tackle international and domestic treatment of others.  So I signed a petition and a post card on her behalf.  It's cases like this that make it so people come here undocumented.  We also learned about some of the other things that are a part of modern medicine, farming, etc are based at least a little bit on Arab contribution.  Our numbering system is an Arabic  system.

Alien jazz trioAlien jazz trio

Arabic BandArabic Band

Then, we went over to the Miller Lite stand, where they had belly dancers, a female group singing Arab style songs, as well as a full band with bongo, keyboard, another key/string type instrument, guitar, and a singer, and they were pretty good.  The announcer came down and got a group of us going on teaching us how to do a dubka (dub ka) which is Arabic line dancing.  We hold hands, and do a few steps.  Your left foot steps 2 steps to the right, then left foot kick, and a step to the right.  It took me a bit to catch on, because we lead with our left foot, but move to the right...  Then, there were other ones, too, a total of 3 variations on this line dance.  It was so fun!  I just wish that my joints worked better...  I had to sit down after a bit, and my left hip just was not going to take much more in this dancing thing.  :(

The band I danced to is an Arab singer named John Khoury - and here is his link...

doing the dubkadoing the dubka

After watching belly dancers, singers and bands, we went over to see what else was being offered.  There were games for small children, even slightly older children, food, and we got to sample Arabic lemon chicken and spicy chicken.  All good...  And then off to a food demonstration.  We got to sample salad as well as stuffed grape leaves.  Even got the recipe for the grape leaves.  :)

Food demonstrationFood demonstration

To finish the day, my son and I went on the skylift to check out the grounds.  Arab Fest only took a small portion, and all in all, we had a very nice time.  Hopefully, we will be able to go next year, to have a bigger experience for it.


Topic:  Trevor
Bonus Points:  Tyler and Linda
Picture:  Jessica
Word/phrase  1) alien jazz band  2) birth of be-bonk  3) Walking base  4) swing band  5) dixieland  6) skinny on music  7) lullaby  8) Spanish guitars  9) Jammin' up Hip St.  10) Jammin' Men  11) Marti Gras  12) Jazz dance  13) modern art  14) wall art  15) celebration  16) performing arts  17) creative thinking

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Guardian Angel: Blogophilia 24.7

Have you ever felt an ethereal presence,
an inner sense of someone guiding you through?
Bask in the comfort that you are not alone,
there are guardian angels watching over you!

(Marvin Martian and Commander K are watching over you, too!!!)

Good Sunday morning, Earthlings. It's that time of the week, time for a new topic and pictures, time to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Use an Onomatopoeia
(Easy, 1 point) Include a path that we travel

motherly love boardmotherly love board

As a progressive and a person of faith, often, it is difficult to walk on the edge, because many progressives are very casual about their faith, if any, and many are either more spiritual rather than religious, or try to be more logical than spiritual.  I don't consider myself to be very religious, even if the church I am a member of is very progressive, considering the type of church.  Of course, many of my ultra conservative acquaintances don't figure that I can be of faith, AND progressive at the same time, although my politically conservative friends understand, just fine.

Whether we are Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, Muslim, Buddhist, Native Spirituality, etc.... , many of us believe that there is a guardian angel out there, regardless of if this is an ancestor, or just for babies/toddlers, or one of God's Angels, etc...  But, often, I think that we need more.  Our abused children are always negatively affected.  1 in 4 girls and one in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18.  If people go to college, those numbers are scarier.  1 in 3 young women, and 1 in 4 young men will have been sexually assaulted by the time they are 25.  Many of these large campuses are so big on sports, that if the perpetrator is a football, basketball or soccer star on the varsity team, often, the abuser won't face ANY punishment at all, and may end up telling the victim that they were lucky that a guy like this wanted to pay attention to them.

All too often, sex abuses don't get reported.  Of the minority of them that do, rarely do the perpetrators see a day in prison, much less get the sex offender treatment.  The treatment needs 3 years of diligence, to even have a chance of working.  If perpetrators are released upon their sentence before the 3 years are up, the likelihood of them finishing treatment is little to none, because sexual perpetrators are all about justifying why they are right and everyone else is wrong, for power and control issues, and will be full of excuses of why they "can't" make it to their group sessions.

While I know, I realize that there are a ton of other groups out there that talk about things like this, and push the statistics to make people aware, such as RAINN - Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network -, and plenty of other ones, and then there is the FBI to try to press charges...

These are good sources, as well as much needed ones...  But, awareness campaigns alone cannot push the social changes far enough, which is why I go off the beaten path to try to talk to area legislators to ensure that we are protecting our abused children.  Get this, again, for I don't know how many times, we have a case here in my home town about a next door neighbor who only got one year for molesting the young girl, mainly because he has no other criminal charges, ever.

I agree with the sentiments of this blogger.

I am no angel, but I AM a guardian, who will be willing to go to the Capitol to fight for this cause.  Hopefully, when things go well, KAZAM!  These nasty perpetrators will have to try to restrain themselves, or risk being arrested.  Only 2% are false accusations.  It is my goal, to be a lighthouse, so to speak, for those who don't have a voice, and all too often, people of any age who are experiencing abuse, don't have much of a voice.  As a faithful, I am rogue, because I don't necessarily follow the rules of endearment.  But, as a progressive faithful, I am called to do this.  I can't really take credit for pushing my conviction, since advocacy and following the American government policy to ensure that I am part of the system of "for the people, by the people" is really exciting for me.  I guess my personality was built for this.  So, it's like birds warbling, cats meowing, dogs barking, etc...  I just hope that some day sooner than later, I will have warm bodies show up on a regular basis to be able to do a bigger push than what I am capable of on my own.

Peace out.

Topic - Trevor
Bonus points - Tyler and Nissemech
Picture - Irene
Word/Phrase - 1) Motherly Love Board  2) Online relationships  3) hot mother board  4) hard drive to follow  5) computer overload  6) hot PC  7) I love my computer  8) my friends live in my computer  9) Exciting World Wide Web  10) The Matrix  11) Neo & Trinity  12) Hal 2000  13) Johnny Mneumonic  14) computer takeover  15) online dating  16) I, Robot  17) Hacked Lover  18) Electric dreams  19) Her  20) Flubber

Friday, August 1, 2014

Land of the Free Policies and Immigration

The mid term elections are coming up.  And, I'm reiterating my stance that everyone should try to study their area legislators and the hopefuls, and to go vote their conscience.  Even if you don't like anyone, please don't make a mockery and write in Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny.  Your ballot will be tossed in full.  Write in yourself, or another real and living person, who you think would be good.  This at least says that you are protesting the current candidates, while still counting your ballot.

Anyway.  Here we are, living in the Land of the Free.  Land of Plenty.  Land of Opportunity.  We aren't known this way, in the good ole' US of A for nothing.  Since the beginning, when the settlers came in to this new country, that there was a lot of opportunity, here.  A lot has happened since then.  And we still have a huge potential to be that.  Seriously.

Yes, I know, I know.  Our country is struggling in many ways.  High unemployment.  So many low paying jobs.  Underemployment.  Taxes are also an issue.  Many people need assistance.  And we have this so called group, called illegal aliens stealing American jobs.  Really?

Chrysler had a plant in Kenosha, WI.  Many people made good money there.  It is one of many closed sites.  Here is what is listed for them, as far as open operations and closed plants.  Most of the ones closed are here in the USA.  And there are other car companies as well.

Name brand shoes such as Nike, have many locations abroad, as well as clothing lines.  So what does this mean?  Really?

Okay, so seriously.  We have people saying we have to go where the jobs are.  But, then want to tell me that I'm being ridiculous, when I say that these high paying jobs went to other countries, and most Americans want the jobs back here, rather than to move out of the country.  And then don't want to explain how that is ridiculous.  These companies had high paying jobs, many with benefits.  Yet for some reason, they jump ship from here, and go to other countries where labor is cheep, and benefits are unheard of.

Because of these jobs to overseas, many people are unemployed, or just plain don't make enough.  In this day and age, to comfortably support a family of 3, which includes having a mortgage, a reliable vehicle, insurance on the house, car and health, well balanced meals, and a little to put away for a rainy day.  Hopefully, it will amount to something.  But, the type of jobs I see advertised, are either menial jobs that pay minimum wage and not much more.  These jobs are retail, such as gas stations, fleet type stores, etc...  And almost always, part time with no benefits.  For each of these part time jobs available, there are, depending on where you live in this country, there are up to 400 or so applicants.  The chances of getting hired are pretty slim against those odds.  So, what about the other jobs that these so called illegal immigrants are stealing?

Well, I'll tell you.  These jobs are back breaking jobs, such as being a migrant worker on various farms, that they need to literally travel from place to place to keep making a living.  No, you can't take your children with you.  Nor your spouse.  It only pays minimally, usually less than minimum wage, and because of the type of work, probably single men or even dads are being hired.  These are some of your "illegal aliens".  Other ones have to leave their families behind to be live in care givers for the elderly, because it's cheaper than paying a home care agency to staff them 24/7.  These people do not get paid very much, and are usually women, who have children living back where they came from, because their homeland does not have jobs for the men, nor the women, either.

Tell me, what American father is going to take a $2.00/hr to travel around the country picking tomatoes & peppers, pumpkins, and what ever is in season, literally around the country?  What American mother is going to leave her children behind, while she goes and works for an elderly person for $300/wk, while she misses the milestones of her own children, while doing back breaking aid work?  So no, these immigrants are NOT taking American jobs, they're taking jobs that no American wants, such as working at duck farms.

Now, about these immigrants...  They are itching to leave their countries for a reason.  They are risking everything.  Literally.  To come for a chance for a better life.  No, not all of them "follow the rules".  I know.  Rules are there for a reason.  And yes, people should follow the rules.  But, when these rules take 10 years to be put through, there is a problem.  A whole family could get killed by their own government, and keep going for a whole bunch more in this time frame.  These people are willing to die for their freedom, which is how this country got established.

Our Founding Fathers came over, and because of tyranny, revolted against their homeland.  But think about when the Puritans and the settlers who came over.  The Old World didn't know that the Americas existed.  The New World didn't know that Eurasia existed.  Did they have rules to come into this country?  We credit our Caucasian ancestors in building this country.  At what expense?  Thousands of Native Americans died, due to the diseases that were brought over.  Then there are the old cowboy criminals, shooting down whom ever.  Then, during the gold rush, many American Indians who were squatters and refused to give up their land were also shot and killed.  I'm not saying that everything of bad.  But, these reservations are often bad lands that are unfit for farming.  Warring tribes were often put on the same land, hoping they'd kill each other off, over the scarce food that was available.  And the taking still continues.

No one told the French, English, or Spaniards to leave because they are illegal aliens.  When many of the Eastern Europeans were coming over, there were rules, such as being clean and bug free, as well as disease free.  Those who didn't make the criterion were sent back onto the boat.  At least this is what I understand from stories that come from my Hungarian great grandfather.  But to say that we should close off the borders to this country is just absurd.  This isn't what this country is built on.  yet, many think that the American look is the blond-haired, blue-eyed-beauty.  Um, excuse me, that is a northern European, not an original American.

Sure, I agree that there should be protocol.  But to ship high paying jobs overseas, and expecting Americans to work 3 or more part time job to make ends meet, and closing off all of our boarders is not the answer.  Bring the factories back.  With those, with high tech  computers to assist with production, along with making medical supplies, we could hire even more high payed employees, because there will be more IT type positions than before.  Let the tired, poor, hungry, weathered people seek refuge.  This country can again be the land of plenty, without kicking out the immigrants and letting these companies leave.  By bringing high paying jobs, there is a broader and more higher tax base.  With these numbers, each group will see their tax rate fall, because more people would be working.  the debts would be paid.  crime will go down with more work available.  People would have better things to do, because they have money to spend.

Rather than party politics, we need real common sense applied to these issues.  Career politicians need not apply, unless they are willing to be independent thinkers.  While we work on this, we also need to ensure that there is equal pay for equal work.  To say women aren't deserving of as much pay for the same or equal position, we keep many working mothers/wives out of the loop and kept in poverty, rather than the house hold bread earner.  Yes, we exist, and we deserve the same respect as our male counterparts.

While they're at it, hey, where is the support for our current and past military families?  They totally deserve better, while our elected officials get paid swell, with Cadillac insurance plans, and gold plated retirement plans.  The veterans are getting chicken feed.  This totally needs to change!