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Lifted Up: Blogophilia 31.7

Summer wanes, autumn draws near 
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(NOTE: If you are in the southern hemisphere of this big blue marble; please change the words 'summer and autumn' to 'winter and spring'!)

WELCOME ONE AND ALL!!!! Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!  Now it's your favorite time of the week -- time to share your thoughts, feelings, poems and stories with us! :)

(Hard, 2 points) Include the title of a Benny Goodman song
(Easy, 1 point) Mention corn and apples in your blog

Usually, I am most lifted up as spring comes to a close, although my favorite smells are contained in spring.  But, my favorite activities are in summer, so, it's kind of a strange thing, because I love my fresh corn on the cob, which for us is August and into September...  Then again, with fall, the apples are in full swing, and who doesn't like apples?  They're great in a Waldorf salad, with leafy green lettuce - walnuts - apple chunks topped with a little salad dressing, though mayonnaise works well, too.  And of course, my very own apple pie, from my Grandma's recipe box.  It's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, an autumn walk in the ever changing colors of the trees, who wouldn't want to skip around and Sing Sing Sing With a Swing with Benny Goodman, toward such a great looking place like this?

So goes the seasons....  Another year passes, and soon, it will be spring, again...  It's too bad I'm no longer a spring chicken....

Topic:  Bettie
Bonus Points:  Doris & Trevor
Picture:  Nina
Word/Phrase:  1) Land of Oz  2) Yellow Brick Road  3) Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore....  4) If I only had a brain/heart/courage/home  5) Munchkins  6) Are you eating my apples?  7) Poppies...  8) Magical Kingdom  9) Ruby Slippers  10) Scare Crow  11) Tin Man  12) Cowardly Lion  13) Dorothy  14) Wicked Witch  15) Glenda  16) Tornado  17) Falling house  18) Life Journey  19) There's no place like home  20) The Wizard

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In My Wildest Dreams... A rand by a child advocate: Blogophilia 30.7

Time to wake up, it's a brand new day -
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Good Sunday morning, Earthlings!  WELCOME ONE AND ALL!!!! Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!  Now it's your favorite time of the week -- time to share your thoughts, feelings, poems and stories with us! :)

(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a Black Crowes lyric
(Easy, 1 point) Include the word 'butterflies'

In a world full of violence, turmoil, political factions, religious wars, ethnic persecutions, and poverty isn't just for the 3rd world countries, it is plagued here, in the United States.  The violence isn't just in the mass shootings of recent years.  Domestic violence and child abuse are both running strong and rampant.  Never, in my wildest dreams would I have even thunk that I would be needed to help press our law makers to try to stiffen up on these issues, especially for child sex abuse.  We must remember, that in times of trial, such as job loss, holidays, etc...  The abuse usually escalates, even if it is supposed to bring families together.

In the Black Crowes song, Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution, they say, "Open your eyes and see your solution".  Well, sorry, with only ONE other 501c4, a nonprofit to make social change to protect abused children, which is PROTECT by Rep. Debra Wasserman-Schultz, this means that no.  I am not a daughter of the revolution, I AM the revolution, and yes, my eyes are open, and I AM part of that solution with my own cause...  Often, I stand alone, but, it's something that I find is worthy, and I am unafraid.

My hopes is that with curbing the violence toward children, that these precious youth will come out of their cocoons that the abuse put them behind, and become the butterflies they are meant to be.  They can't do this alone, they must have support, protection, and a safe environment.  This means, regardless of what is popular or not popular, we do NOT return these children right back to the dangerous situation they've come from.  I have another organization that had opposed the April's Law for Wisconsin legislation because of the facts such as having a sympathetic perpetrator.  Or a child that does 'not behave'.  Or a single mother who relies on her parents to babysit her 10 year old daughter, who, consequently is molested by her grandfather, so that the single mother should not have to choose between her daughter and father.  Or a blended family where the older step brother sexually abuses the younger step sister, that the parent of the victim should not have to choose between the daughter and the spouse (the parent of the older son).  I call this 'bull crap thinking'.
1)  Quit feeling sorry for the perpetrators. 
2)  Stop blaming the child victims because they are insolent.
3)  Familial abuse is the worst in damaging the victim in every way...  Those who are supposed to protect the child that ends up abusing the child causes the worst type of emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage to the said child.

I say that we need to start listening to constituents and organizations that are in your district, not those who do not sit in legislator districts.  We also need to make sure that we have our priorities set.  It is easy to pretend that there is no issue.  It takes courage and strength to push through to ensure that we are doing the right thing.  Right is right, even if we are the only person doing it.  Wrong is still wrong, even if everyone else is doing it.  We need to protect our children, even if it means that we break up the family member who is guilty.  If a father of 4 with a stay at home wife taking care of the children commits a felony act of armed robbery and bodily injury, should we go easy on him because he has a family?  If he is willing to do this to strangers, what is he willing to do to his family?  I can guaranty that the family is probably being abused in some way, too.  So, if a single mom, who immerses her children in freezing water to punish them, should we keep the children there?

We recently had an article come up on facebook about a mother who used her "toy", to sodomize her 2 year old, stating that she only wanted him to "feel good", because her toy made her feel so good...  And here is a list of articles that show what light sentencing people get, and this is just here in Racine, WI...  Just think about how it is statewide or nationally....

Why We Need Harsher Sentencing!

Why do we need stiffer punishments?  In too many instances, we consider children to be "property" of their parent or legal guardian.  So, in instances where it is a family member or other trusted relative, all too often, the child is either returned into the same situation where they were sexually abused in the first place, or the perpetrator is given a light sentence.
Please refer to these articles, just in Racine, WI that deals with these light sentencing:

Here is to all of our children who deserve to dance with the swans...

Swan RiverSwan River

Topic:  Irene
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Picture:  Kim
Word/Phrase:  1) Swan River  2) Trumpeter Swan  3) Swan ballet  4) Graceful  5) Swan River  6) Ballet  7) The Swan Princess  8) The dying swan  9) Mute Swans  10) Swan Song  11) Sweet Swan of Avon  12) Whooper Swan  13) morning mist

Thursday, September 11, 2014

When Cold Rain Falls: Blogophilia 29.7

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Good Sunday morning, Earthlings!  We are now in the third week of the new season.  It's time to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a Khalil Gibran quote or line
(Easy, 1 point) Include the phrase "color blind"

Fall is in the air, and the weather is getting cooler, which means the rain is also colder.  When cold rain falls, it seems to wash the changing leaves off of the trees, reminding us that the sweet kiss of wintery death is looming around the corner.  Don't get me wrong.  Being in Wisconsin, we have 4 seasons, and the freshly fallen snow on the trees are kind of an amazing sight.  But, last winter was cold and treacherous.  Last summer was stolen, with only 2 weeks of real summer broken up in chunks...  This summer, too, is going too fast, with not many nice days. 

My son is 14.  He will be 15 in March, but, I seriously don't know where the time went.  Being a mom is the best job I've ever had, and the struggles are not so bad, since I am lucky to have a relatively good kid.  But, Sir Khalil wisely says, "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you."  Of course...  He must grow up and live his own life.  I can only guide him on his way.

On the same token, because ALL children are the suns and daughters of life, I am an advocate for reducing the gross abused of our children.  Because ALL children are precious, I must be "color blind" to ensure ALL children are kept safe.  It irks me when a child shows signs of being abused, and because some act out, they are blamed for their victimization or deserves it for "being bad".  Or how 6 year old little girls were "dressed provocatively" so the pedophile couldn't help it...  What doesn't help, is when you get commercials like these:
1) Here is what, about a 6 or 7 year old girl, whose poses and the open mouthed wink is way beyond her maturity, and here is this little girl, flirting with this older woman, as if she is some Guido at a bar...  At least she is fully clothed, but, she is way over sexualized, and we don't even recognize it here in this country, and we wonder why little girls get preyed upon by sex offenders?  Disgusting!  To me, it's not about will power over the donuts, there are better ways to push the healthier choices in food.  The video:
2) Here is a fiat commercial that starts off innocent enough, where two nicely dressed young men beep for their dates to come out.  The ladies come out, and it's almost comical about how because it takes so long for us to change, especially when dressed as the wedding party, that the ladies had to change in the car...  How they did it w/o ruining their hair, I'll never know...  The grotesque part of it is, toward the end, when the 4 leave, there is a boy, about 10ish, maybe?  That gets this knowing grin, as if he just scored big time...  This is still the age where boys think that kissing girls is gross, yet he acts like he's ready for a cigarette...  Again, oversexualizing the tween boy, and we wonder why the sex abuse against our male children, and even adults are on the rise...  NOT COOL!  The video:

I've been accused of over reacting, and this is just the way these sex offenders want it...  I could go on, but, you get my point...

Waling the beatWaling the beat

Topic:  Irene
Bonus Points:  Trevor and Michael Todd
Picture:  Barbara
Word/Phrase:  1) Walking the beat  2) Girls' night out on the town  3) BFFs  4) Window Shopping  5) 5th Avenue  6) yellow brick road  7) Moving on  8) Moving out  9) Freedom!  10) Big dreams  11) Vacation girls  12) Maiden Voyage  13) Street Walkers  14) West side girls 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Job Seeker, Advocacy, and a sideways rant with more advocacy...

As many of you know, I am a home care CNA who recently got a diploma and a subsequent certification to be a health unit coordinator.  With approximately 150 or so applications since about April 20, I am no closer to doing the medical office work as I was a year ago.  Because one of the courses was to learn everything about Microsoft Office 2010, I am, actually just as qualified to be professional in any legal setting, including lawyer's offices, City/County offices, legislators' offices, and more.  You also know that I am a child advocate who is combating child abuse and even has my own cause to help boost the importance of this cause.

It dawned on me just a short time ago, that I'm actually better at advocating for underdogs than I am as a job applicant.  This doesn't mean that I am not a good job seeker.  I have been vigilant and considering multiple options, and not limiting myself to just a few places.  I've even been bold enough to apply for education positions with literacy programs, since some parts of my job includes patient education, and that is one of my more favorite parts of my current job.  I'm even having better interviews, with each one, even if they are few and far between...  It just seems as if once I've had the initial interview, I haven't been able to even go toward another position without having that generalized letter about going with other candidates who better fits their needs after considering my application.  I really don't get it.  On the other hand, when I step up and contact those in charge about advocating for the greater good, I always get a result...  Even if it's not what I intended, it is still, indeed a result, and it does make some ripples to affect others to act, and some good has come out of it, even if it is in small increments.

So, anyway, as a home care worker at a nonprofit company, the pay isn't the greatest, though it's better than some of these other home care agencies.  I haven't had a raise since 2006, yet there are other agencies that start their aides at lower starting pay, yet charge their clients higher.  Plus, the agency I work for provides for medicare patients as well as those who get the VA benefits.  It's a mission I believe in, to help those who need it most, and it started off as an agency run by disabled people for disabled people.  It's the belief that even those who are not able bodied are still able to provide a service or something to the community, thus being an asset to the society.  It's a good mission.  If it were just about pay, I'd be somewhere else.  But, because much of our pay is dependent on medicaid payouts, if they don't increase their rate, we don't get a raise.  It has nothing to do with the fact that some of us literally go above and beyond the call of duty.  Some of the tasks, sure, can be learned by just about anybody.  But, it takes some skill and finesse to be a quality care giver.  The bad part is, we don't really get paid much more than a fast food worker who knows exactly how to put the pickles on your sandwich.  Because this job is one of those that does take some skill, such as practicing proper body mechanics to transfer patients, and because you can't predict their movements, it has the highest risk of back and other bodily injury that his second to none, even railroad workers, construction, etc...  Mostly because you can pretty much predict how that bundle of roofing tiles is going to behave.  If it starts to slip, you can let go to save your self.  But you cannot do that with another person, unless you're willing to be sued up the wazoo.  Yet, miners and construction workers get paid enough to support a family, even if you have to live modestly.  But, a home care aide is still in poverty as a single person, and you need to go into a hospital or nursing home for better pay.  I can handle the hospital, because many who come in are for surgery and other stuff, where they are usually healthy enough for what ever procedure they are going to get.  It is the ER, ICU, and certain cardiopulmonary floors where you get the most frail (health wise) people.

Here is the kicker.  Certain nursing homes that also take the medicaid or VA benefit have enough to pay their CNA's better.  Most hospitals also take medicaid and can pay their CNA's better.  Granted, they are doing a lot of good, especially those whose health is declining, or in need of therapy, and the aides run around busy all day.  Unfortunately, many nursing homes are understaffed, making it difficult for some of us to keep up with.  Thing is, when you figure that these facilities are staffing CNAs, CMAs, RNs, LPNs, doctors, receptionists, appointment setters, and many people behind the scenes to keep your medical information in order and confidential, etc...  plus the cost of the building, maintenance, electric bill, etc...  and these are paid 24/7 - that is a LOT of money that is being paid by various tax payer monies.  I'm not complaining, we NEED to take care of people, and all of us should be fortunate enough to be able to get quality care, because being poor or disabled shouldn't disqualify you to get the help you need.  But, here again, home care aides work one on one, and are slotted for a variety of increments of time, anywhere from a half hour to 24 hour standby care, if you need it.  But, since the patients pay their own rent/mortgage/taxes, utility bills, water bills, food, etc...  and only pay for the services they use, the cost upon medicaid is much lower, so that the overall cost is only a couple hundred dollars a month, as opposed to several thousands and more in a care facility.  So, the thanks we get, is lower pay, for saving everyone else money?  Thing is, depending on the situation, if we are at someone's home as an aide, and we get injured and can't help ourselves, if the patient we take care of is unable to use the phone, there is no one there to help us.

*sigh*  I understand that I am rambling, but, it's all for a point.  I have spoken to people, and went up the food chain, to speak to someone about the fact that we deserve more pay, and the best way to get that done is to contact our legislators.  So....  I guess it's a good thing that I have experience in this type of advocacy, because speaking to our legislators is what I do best, often with at least a little bit of light in the future, even if it's just a small, dim light.  More work for me, and hope that I can at least get a little pay dirt.

Another thing to kind of go with it...  Often, with child abuse, it escalates when there are life stresses like lack of money/jobs, which of course ripples onto the fact that without money, we can't pay our electric bills, buy enough nutritious foods, etc... or whether or not to fix the car, which may end up meaning an extra long day taking public transport (which around here, isn't that great of service), and the various stress gets taken out on spouses and children.  Many single mothers are also home care givers, so they can put their work schedules to accommodate their children's school hours, appointments, and more.

So...  Please.  For the love of thunderstorms.  Please contact your legislator today, to let them know that home care aides, especially those of us who work with the poor, are getting fair pay, that good care givers deserve it.  Some day we will all be old, and need someone to take care of us.  We all deserve quality care, and if you get what you pay for, wouldn't you want a care giver who is happy with their post?  Better paid servants also have lower risk to abuse their children and spouses.  Raise the medicaid reimbursements today!

Here is the contact info for some Wisconsin legislators.  Please click the link in the place where it has the legislature list, to find your federal people as well.  I think it's high time that we start appreciating our good people who risk our own bodies to injury to care for our frailest and meekest citizens, by giving us a better pay rate.  Your parents and grandparents will appreciate it, and we will, too, when we're at the age to need home helpers like me.

Governor Scott Walker                                      Lieutenant Governor RebeccaKleefish
Office of Governor Scott Walker                         19 East, State Capitol
115 East Capitol                                               P.O. Box 2043
Madison, WI 53702                                          Madison, WI 53702
(608) 266-1212                                               (608) 266-3516       

Representative Peter Barca (Kenosha)             RepresentativeCory Mason (Racine)
Room 201 West                                             Room6 North
State Capitol                                                 State Capitol
P.O. Box 8952                                               P.O.Box S8953
Madison, WI 53708                                       Madison,WI 53708
(608) 266-5504                                            (608)266-0634
(888) 534-0064                                            (888)534-0066

Representative Tod Ohnstad (Kenosha)               RepresentativeRobin Vos (Racine Cty)
Room 420 North                                                Room211 West
State Capitol                                                      StateCapitol
P.O. Box 8953                                                   P.O.Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708                                            Madison,WI 53708
(608) 266-0455                                                  (608)266-9171
(888) 534-0065                                                 (888)534-0063

Senator John Lehman (Racine)                               RepTom Weatherson (Racine)
Room 5 South                                                       Room109 West
State Capitol                                                         State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882                                                        POBox 8953
Madison, WI 53703-7882                                        Madison,WI 53708
(608) 266-1832                                                     (608)266-0731              (888)534-0062
Senator Bob Wirch                                         
Room 127 South                                         To find out whois your senator/representative to the state -
State Capitol                                
P.O. Box 7882                                          The Hotline can be reached at:
Madison, WI 53707-7882                         Local Madison Number: 608 266-9960
(608) 267-8979                                        StatewideToll-Free: 800-362-9472       HearingImpaired: 800-228-2115

US Senator Tammy Baldwin                                            US Senator Ron Johnson
717 Hart SenateOffice Building                                      328 Hart Senate OfficeBuilding
Washington, D.C. 20510                                                Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-5653                                                          (202)224-5323

US Representative Paul Ryan
Washington, DC office
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3031

Ask any person who utilizes a home care agency how they like their helpers...  ;)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Promise Me Magic: Blogophilia 28.7 & Cause

No matter the time, no matter the weather -
It's time to come see who is sporting the leather!

One final thing this Martian wants to say -
Have a nice weekend, and Happy Labor Day!

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a quote from the movie "Saturday Night Fever"
(Easy, 1 point) Mention a farm animal
Common sense tells us that life is not always fair.  We get taught that from early childhood, because we can't always get what we want.  Giving children EVERYTHING is not a good thing, because they end up feeling entitled to too much.  But, for the most part, life is supposed to be good.  Even when we run into snags, we understand that this, too shall pass, and we will continue our mostly pretty good lives.  Sure, while having too little money is always a stresser, it could be worse.

For many abused children, life is hell.  For them, thy wonder why it has to be so bad...  Many of these kids are beaten, and with broken ribs, they have to hide with a tape up job from their abusers, school work that is unfinished and failing class, because the abusers refuse to help, and then beat them again for having bad grades...  Others are prey to sex abuse, which is very damaging.  Psychological and emotional abuse is almost as bad as sex abuse.  Abuse survivors are more likely than the rest of the general public to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.  These same survivors of abuse are also at risk for suicide, prostitution, and more.  The thinking is, if they are going to be used and abused for their bodies, they just as well get paid for it, and think that because they are "consenting" that they are healing.  The sad truth is, because these same people are getting dehumanized even further, thus sinking into new lows.

Because of this type of thinking and such, many current victims and survivors still in need of healing from the inside out, their wish upon the stars is, promise me magic.  I'm hoping to make a little bit of magic to promote stiffer punishing on those who abuse our children.  for those who abuse children, it would be music to my ears, if they pointed at my fellow child advocates and I, "Hey, you know you assholes almost broke my pussy finger!"  Well, be glad it's just a finger.  It is so wrong for people to treat children like they are just pesky mice on the farm.  Well, I'm the protector.

And here I am...  taking watch.

Topic:  Irene
Bonus points:  Michael Todd and Trevor
Picture:  Linda
Word/Phrase:  1) The eyes have it  2) Keeping Watch  3) I see you!  4) sneaking  5) ready to pounce  6) frisky  7) Hide and Seek  8) Kitty Instinct  9) Nine lives and counting  10) basking in the window  11)  Whaaat?  Me?  12) cat eyes  13) I hear a can opener!  14) You can't see me

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jobs Jobs Nowhere. Best Summer? Not. Another rant from a mad woman.

People who know me well, know that I'm pretty blunt, and while I can be very diplomatic when necessary, if I feel that something needs to be said, I'm going to say it.  Whether people get offended or not, is not my problem, because I'm not saying it to be mean, pick on anyone, or just yanking your chain.  I'm telling you the truth as I see it.  If I'm yanking your chain, you'll know, because I'll be kidding around.  Plus, who doesn't love a practical prank?

Anyway...  I just got done reading in one of the newspapers, and it's weird...  The hotel/motel count has come in as being a 28% increase in being booked, much higher than the 10% increase earlier in the year, to be the best summer for business.  So, the person in charge of taking the commerce count is stating that people are working and comfortable in their positions, so they feel safe to travel.  Thing is, if these are travelers, these are not Racine, WI residents who are traveling or camping.  These are visitors from elsewhere coming here, to visit.  If these visitors go to the chain type places to buy stuff, they are really not impacting our economy very well.  To stimulate the economy, they need to buy local as much as possible.

I'm still missing key points on how our economy is doing better.  As you know, I am a home care aid, who visits people in their homes anywhere from an hour to about three hours to help take care of people in their own homes.  It's not one of these things where I'm spending most of the day or anything.  I have a care plan.  The care plan lets me know about which personal cares I need to do, such as bathing and/or getting dressed, meal prep, hair/oral hygiene care, or if it's more along the line of house keeping.  Because I'm in and out of people's houses, it's not like I am at one spot where I clock in, work my shift, and be done for the day.  I'm doing this every 1-3 hours on days that I work.  Why is this relevant to the jobs situation?  Okay, here it is.  I get to hear about the client's families, and half of my clients have family, relatives or friends who are underemployed or underemployed.  With a friend of one of my clients who worked for the client, is still in need of finding other employment.  It's as if I'm hearing more about who needs a job or a better position, as opposed to who is doing okay.  So, it's not just my friends and people I know, this is going on all over the place.

I had written a note to my state governor, explaining the fact that here I am, with a bad back that is getting worse, is doing aide work, which has the highest rate of back injury than mining or construction, and I've been doing this for about 11 years now.  I've been trying to find a better position for about 7 years now, and with no avail.  Certain jobs that require standing in one place for hours, or those which require all day long of bending, twisting, stooping, etc are also out - because of my back.  Granted, yes, in doing aide work, I could handle a hospital, because most units are filled with those who are able to go through treatment, surgery, etc...  In cases where people are not as healthy and need more care, two people are automatically sent in to help this one person, as opposed to doing it all by yourself in home care, which happens 99.9% of the time.  There was a little bit more to the rant along the line of the fact that I am not lazy, or I wouldn't be doing this line of work, and to please not send me back a patronizing answer, because I am not stupid, either.  Well, guess what?  I have not gotten an answer from Governor Walker's office.  At all.  Bad idea.  I am a voter.  So is my husband.  I vote every election, and have been known to give free rides out of my own free will to bring neighbors to the polls so they can vote, too, especially if they are elderly and don't drive.  It's mid term elections, and the governor, who is running for office, refuses to answer a constituent?  Before you try to say, "But, you said not to answer...."...  Okay, I did not just say not to answer me.  I told his office NOT to answer me in a PATRONIZING manner, because I am not stupid.  People understand English, correct?  Well, here are people who want to say that immigrants should learn English, who doesn't understand their own language.  There is a difference between not responding, vs. not responding in a patronizing way.  Responding in a patronizing way would be a way where they like to fill out the response with info that is so general, it means nothing, and blah blah, where I've gotten a lot of those that will tell me to go where ever, etc....  Okay, I already went to the Workforce Development Center.  They paid for my education to become a Health Unit Coordinator.  Tons of jobs have come up, and I still can't land them...  I have a worker there for my education as well as another for my yes, welfare benefits.  So no, I don't want some privileged politician telling me to go check with my local jobs center....  Um, Duh!  I already came from there.  So, obviously, the governor and his staff are not capable of an intelligent response, or I would have gotten one from there.  Since they are only capable of responding in a patronizing way, they chose they weren't going to answer at all...  How nice.  BAD MOVE.

At least the couple of times I've contacted Van Wangaard, he was willing to at least talk to me via phone, if I could not make it up to Madison.  John Lehman and Cory Mason were both willing to meet me in person here, in Racine.  Bob Turner gave me a good recommendation to other state legislators stating I was a good person to have on their side.  Robin Vos is willing to at least hear me out, and if other area legislators (as in, those whose districts I belong in) want in, he's willing to work with them.  Then there is Thom Weatherston, who has continually blown off my emails.  Every. Single. Time.  Bad mistake.  I study politics, and follow as much as I can, w/o insanity.  I've come to be able to predict the outcome of the election with 95% accuracy, and the candidates I back & campaign for win, 90% of the time.  In with the 10% that don't win, half of those (5%) gave their opponents a run for their money.  In election time, if you're the candidate, I'm a good person to have.  While I cannot run your campaign for you, I can be the person to make the smaller changes necessary, because I don't mind going to the undecided, independent, swing voters, to try to get them on board.

Well, enough of a rant...  my good deed for the day is, I am going to post some of the available jobs out here, so my friends in need of work might be able to find something they can actually apply for.  Even if you don't need a job, please share with someone you think may be able to apply for any of these.

Assistant Office Administrator:
Full time administrative support specialist wanted for small sports publishing company in Racine.  Must be a detail-oriented multi-tasker with strong organizational and communication skills.  Technological proficiency required.  Task include scheduling, general administrative projects, database organization and maintenance, staff travel coordination and customer/client relations.  Works directly for the Administrative Director.  Related college degree and/or work experience mandatory.  Please respond to or Referee Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 161, Franksville, WI 53216

Managing Editor Wanted:
Would you relish the opportunity to educate and inspire tens of thousands of sports officials through magazines, books, newsletters and digital offerings?  Do you like to "go deep" on stories to provide readers with unique perspectives?  Are you open-minded to new publishing and training technologies?  have you managed and led a team?  Are deadlines and details part of your DNA?  If so, we are looking for you.  Referee magazine and the National Association of Sports Officials are growing - and so too is our need for editorial leadership.  This is a full time, in-office position.  Related college degree and /or work experience mandatory.  Please write to Bill Topp, Vice President of Publishing at or Referee Enterprises, Inc., 2017 Lathrop Ave., Racine, WI 53405

Sports Editors Wanted:Referee magazine and the National Association of Sports Officials, the leaders in officiating education and advocacy, are in need of editorial staff.  We are looking for sports officials that have journalism/communication education and/or work experience.  Must have a passion for rules, mechanics and proper officiating techniques, with a desire to teach, challenge and inspire others.  Special consideration is given to those with baseball umpiring experience.  Multi-sport officials are especially appealing to us.  This is a full-time, in-office position.  Related college degree and/or experience mandatory.  Please write to
Bill Topp, Vice President of Publishing at or Referee Enterprises, Inc., 2017 Lathrop Ave., Racine, WI 53405

Teller - PT:
Cash handling & customer service skills preferred.  20/hrs/wk, including Saturdays &varying weekdays.  Flexibility required.
Email resume to: or mail to Landmark Credit Union, ATTN:  Stephanie Hamilton 1931 Grove Ave. Racine, WI 53405

School Bus Driver:
Durham School Services:  Become a school bus driver.  If you want a rewarding, part time job, apply today!!
* starting pay $12.36/hr  * 3 paid holidays  *Free Training  * Life insurance  * bring your children to work with you  *  Benefits available.
Applicants must under go a motor vehicle records check, drug check and criminal record check.  Certain rules apply!  Apply in person M-F 8-4 @ 1608 Oakes Rd. in Racine or call (262)8861312 or apply online at

Monday, August 25, 2014

He Sat On a Hat: Blogophilia 27.7

This is Week 27 of Year 7 in Blogophilia!

Sharpen your pencils, dive into your inkwells --
Put your troubles aside, rise above adversity!
Don't sit on the bench, don't let your muse dwell --
Come write with us in Blogophilia's Season Three!

Good Sunday morning, Earthlings!  Welcome as we begin a brand new season -- Season 3 of Year 7!!   All points from the last season will be added to the lifetime totals, and points reset to zero.  Since it's a new season, the slate is clean and the time is now to share your thoughts, poems and stories with us! :)

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Use 2 characters from Marvel Comics and 2 from D.C. Comics
(Easy, 1 point) Have a character get lost

My, oh, my.

This is no hickory-dickory-dock.  No mouse ran up the clock.
Yipidy yikes!  But here is Thor and Loki!

Loki & ThorLoki & Thor

I know, I know!  Thor is a God, but, for me, it's Loki who steals my soul.
And oh, no!  Not some competition from the female hero?
Dipidy-doopidy!  It's Wonder Woman and Cat Woman!

Wonder Woman & Cat WomanWonder Woman & Cat Woman

Cat Woman is hot, but, Wonder Woman is the strength we cannot forgot.

The wind blows, the evil attacks, and Wonder Woman galore, Thor, he sat on a hat!
In the midst of chaos, oh, no!  Where is my Loki?  I am at a loss...
Where is that Sam I am, Cat in a hat?  But wait, what is the meaning of that?

It's a zoo!It's a zoo!

Topic:  Irene
Bonus Points:  Michael Todd & Nissemech
Picture:  Leta
Word/Phrase:  1) It's a zoo!  2) Safari  3) tropical cruise  4) Animal whisperer  5) exotic animals  6) lollipop world  7) Field trip  8) summer vacation  9) zoo colored glasses  10) modern Garden of Eden  11) paradise  12) Sarenghetti 13) Sahara